2016's most inspiring fixes & stories from the community

2016 has been a crazy year for so many people. In times of change and uncertainty, we appreciate more than ever being able to draw inspiration, hope and courage from the Sugru community’s ingenuity, creativity and determination to get hands-on. 

We've had a great time gathering together some of the stand-out Community stories and fixes of 2016. Enjoy.

1. For noticing...

grandad with phone improved with sugru

...a little thing that could be better.

Poppy and Heather, from Stanley, England helped out their grandad with a simple, but ingenious, Sugru fix. "Our grandad was struggling to pick up and answer his phone, so my sister Sugru-ed it! Now it's raised off the table so he can pick it up, and the main button he needs has been raised too so he can answer calls easily without fumbling." 

Nice one, ladies! 

2. For turning junk into gold

necklace made from old jewellery and sugru

A group of students at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham took 3/4 of a ton of old jewellery from charities, and organised a huge fun workshop to give it all a new life through creativity. Sugru was one of the materials they used to reimagine them. Some truly surprising and beautiful pieces were created. You can see a great selection in the page How to transform junk into gold

Doesn't this just inspire you to do the same with your old jewellery? We're fired up!

3. For creative repurposing...

hooks made from toy animals and sugru

Jenny from Phoenix used these toy animals to create an awesome set of hooks for her daughter's room. This and a few of her other upcycling projects are featured on her lovely blog Little Green Notebook. Cute or what? We were so inspired we made the guide page: Make a child friendly wardrobe from toys.

4. For never giving up...

kid's wheelchair fix with sugru

...on a problem that need to be solved!

Veronica from San Marino tried and tried again, until she fixed her son's wheelchair. "I fixed the brake lever of my son Martino's wheelchair. It was rubber coated, but the rubber coat kept coming off the metal lever. I had to replace it twice, but it kept going missing. The uncoated lever was dangerous for kids at school and damaged furniture and walls at home. Sugru was a very easy and useful solution and could be done in a few minutes at home!" 

5. For injecting playfulness...

lightswitch decorated with lego and sugru

...into the everyday.

Helga from London used Sugru and Lego to transform a humble light switch into something a little big magical. We just love to imagine the of the look of wonder on a little face when they discover this creation when asked to turn on the lamp. Helga, you're a wizard!

6. For preserving a family heirloom...

watering can fixed with sugru

Marion from Texas inherited this lovely old style watering can. It had been in the family for years and considered a treasured heirloom. The problem was, it leaked. Marion admitted: “It was next to worthless for watering anything but your feet. The head would never seal." Determined Marion used Sugru to bond the head to the neck. She reported: "24 hours later…IT WORKS". Now she may even be able to pass it on down another generation!

7. For taking the big leap...

a couple outside a campervan

...into a life of adventure.

Derrick and Paula are just awesome. After they got married they decided to give up their apartment, move into a campervan and travel across Canada. The amazing thing is that once they got home to Ontario, they decided that rather than waste money on another apartment, they would save up to buy a house by continuing to live in the campervan. After more than a year and a half, they've just fulfilled that dream and bought themselves a cabin in the woods. Drooool. These guys are my heroes! In their year in the campervan, Sugru came in very handy living in such a small space.

8. For the love of bees

bee watering station made with sugru and branches

We need the bees more than the bees need us, and populations are in serious decline. We loved this twist on a bird bath from Leslie in California.

"In California, there's a drought. Birds drink from the birdbath, but bees can fall in and drown. I made a bee watering station with Sugru, a dead rose bush (branches cut to approximately equal height), a plastic plate and marbles. The Sugru allowed me to both level the plate and secure it to the branches. The marbles allow bees to walk around without falling in. Both birds and bees are happy!"

9. For sheer weird craziness...

simone with her robots

in an even crazier world.

Simone makes robots. Not just any old robots, usually robots that nobody else would ever think of making. She calls them 'shitty robots'. Like a robot to feed her breakfast, a robot to put sunglasses on, and this one she made with Sugru - rotating arms on her phone. Why? To amuse herself, and her growing fan base on youtube, a huge number of whom watched this video... and maybe just a little bit to show you can be both smart and silly in a world that often wants us all to behave the same.

10. For the best use of clogs...

coat hooks made of clogs and sugru

...probably ever.

Our hearts almost melted when our old friend Delphine shared this awesome new project with us. When she and her family recently moved from Amsterdam to Berlin, a friend gave them a leaving gift of a pair of clogs each. Knowing they would probably not wear them, she used these lovely wooden clogs to make coat hangers instead, by sticking them to the wall with a little Sugru at just the right height for each of the kids! Nice one Delphine, and we wish you and your family lots of happy times in your new home! 

Yep, it's been quite a year. And these are just the more unusual stories - there have been thousands and thousands of fixes, repairs and all sorts of creative projects - so many in fact, that a few weeks ago, as a Community we reached a huge milestone - we fixed our 10 millionth thing! That's a pretty huge number of things fixed, hacked, up-cycled and generally saved and given a new lease of life!

In case you're feeling like inspiring the community yourself, there's still time to win the last Fix of the Month of 2016... Have you been a superhero and empowered someone to be more independent? Maybe you’ve fixed something that would’ve been costly and it’s saved you a nice bit of cash? Perhaps you’ve given something well loved a creative new lease of life.  

If you’d like to share your fix and your story with us to inspire the Sugru community, simply send us pictures of what you’ve done by clicking below, or tag us in your photo / video on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! You could win Sugru!