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Joanne - the world's most inspiring canoeist?

Some of you will remember the start of Joanne's inspiring story, from when she first contacted us back in the Summer of 2012. She had just completed the 715km long Yukon River Quest, which would be impressive enough for anyone to do...

However, the particularly amazing thing about this story was that Joanne has no fingers on her left hand, and so paddling for that long would have been impossible - had a friend not helped her to hack her paddle, with a humble screw and a few minipacks of sugru.

The race would take three days and three nights (say what now?!), but the strain on Joanne's right hand alone would have been too tough.

She was searching for a way to adapt her paddle, when her friend Andrea introduced her to sugru. After trying it out, Joanne managed to find a solution by moulding a sugru grip around a screw attached to her paddle.

And the rest is a little piece sugru history...

So when we heard that Joanne was planning on doing it all over again, only this time with just Andrea in a two person team, we wanted to help. We decided to make Joanne our first ever sports sponsorship deal*, helping her buy a sweet lightweight carbon fibre paddle for the race. (*a very small amount of money)

Then Joanne blew us all away...again — sharing over 30 hours of video as she trained, prototyped designs for her 2.0 paddle and even captured footage from the race!

Her story is an inspiration and shows just how AWESOME people really are.

In her own words, we give you The Joanne Story *.

* beautifully edited by Mr Tim King :)

P.S. guess who inspired Joanne to try the race in the first place? Her super cool mum, Janet and sister, Jamie! They completed the race for Janet's 60th birthday! There is something special in this family...