Joanne - the world's most inspiring canoeist?

Joanne - the world's most inspiring canoeist?

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You guys never cease to amaze us with your awesomeness. This is one of the most wonderful stories we've ever received from a Sugru user.

Joanne has no fingers on her left hand but bravely signed up for the insane Ultra Marathon, a canoe race that is over 715km long.

When preparing for the race, she was looking for a way to modify the paddle so she could hold it on her left side as well as she could on her right. Over to Joanne in her own words.

" I was trying to find a way to modify my paddle so that I could hold it on my left side as well as my right. Then a friend told me about Sugru. I used several colours, and though it may not be the prettiest adaptation I could have made, it certainly allowed me to compete in the race, in 54 hours and 3 minutes...of paddling. No sleep!"

We fell in love with Joanne - her spirit, determination, enthusiasm, and creativity. What she was able to achieve with had a friend not helped her to hack her paddle, with a humble screw and a few packs of Sugru blew us away.

When she asked for support to buy lighter paddles to do the race again, we jumped at the chance. This is a short film we made together with Joanne, and it tells the story of what happened next. Enjoy and share!