How Sugru helped create a magical space for kids

Sugru-er of the Month, Miri, launched a project called “The Flowering Meadow” in 2010 with the help of The Women's Forum of Givat Hoter and the local council. Her dream was to recreate the wonderful environment in which she grew up for the kids in her neighbourhood near Tel Aviv -  a safe and natural space where they could spend afternoons roaming around, picking daisies and climbing trees. A real ode to slow living. 

Sugru helped create a magical place for kids

She built whimsical elf homes around the garden, which she’s been decorating and reinforcing with Sugru. “I built a new roof for the little house, insulating the skylight with Sugru, fixing up the tiny garden and supporting the joints of the miniature bench.”

The meadow is now a shared garden that the local community helps to maintain - they even planted 32 fruit trees together! What’s more, with the help of a handy neighbour, Miri also built a Free Little Library* for kids and grownups to donate and exchange books. 

We’re blown away by your inventiveness and community spirit Miri! 

*The Free Little Library is a worldwide non-for-profit initiative that aims to inspire a love for reading by encouraging book exchanges in communities. You can read more about it here

Sugru helped make a magical place for kids
Sugru helped create a magical place for kids

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