How to repair your shoes with Sugru

A great pair of shoes is a prized possession. They look amazing, fit perfectly and become more comfortable over time. Not to mention all the great memories they hold. Losing a beloved pair of shoes is like saying goodbye to an old friend.

So it’s a blessing to find an easy way to keep them in service. Repairing your shoes is even better when you consider the amount of waste currently created by the footwear industry. A mind-blowing 20 billion pairs of shoes get produced every year. And once trashed, shoes take more than 50 years to decompose. Some can take up to 1000 years. 

That’s a lot of long-term waste.

With a little bit of love and some Sugru, you can keep your favourite shoes on your feet and out of landfill.

Sugru is great for fixing shoes and boots because:

  • It bonds to most materials (including fabric and leather)
  • It's flexible when set
  • It’s waterproof and weatherproof

How to repair your footwear with Sugru

A shoe and a pack of Sugru

Step 1: Colour Matching

Sugru comes in a range of colours that can also be mixed to create a more exact shade. Perfect for when you want to make a discreet repair. 

Tip 1:

Add colours in small amounts and keep checking back against your shoes until you match the right shade.

Tip 2:

When mixing Sugru, your fingers might start to get sticky. So use a dry paper tissue to remove any excess from your fingertips in between your mixes.

Check out our colour-mixing guide.

Sugru applied to rip in shoe

Step 2: Apply Sugru To Your Shoe

Once you’ve found the perfect colour, it’s time to apply it to your shoe. Whether it’s leaky cracks or tears in the fabric, find the area you want to repair and get started.

For large tears, we recommend working Sugru into the fabric or material on either side and then bridging the gap with more Sugru. It’s easier to manage and will give you the most secure repair.

When you’re happy with the application, gently rub the repair with your fingertip for a smooth finish.

Tip 3:

If Sugru starts building up on your fingers, it might make it hard to handle. So apply it in small amounts and remove any excess Sugru from your fingertips with a dry tissue.

Tip 4:

Using the back of your fingernail to spread the Sugru can reduce the amount that sticks to your fingers.

Shoe repaired with Sugru

Step 3: Work The Sugru In

Add extra Sugru in small, workable amounts slowly smoothing it as you go. This will allow for the most secure, even finish and make the process far more manageable. 

Sugru applied to end of shoe lace

Step 4: Hack Your Laces

Frayed laces is a common, annoying little problem. This hack is a great way to fix them and use up any remaining Sugru from your shoe repair. Just roll a small piece of Sugru around each lace end and leave to set for 12-24 hours.

Tip 5:

Remember to make sure the laces aren’t touching your boots when you leave them to set – you don't want them to bond together!

Shoe repaired with Sugru

Step 5: Wait for the Sugru to set

Leave to set for 12-24 hours before taking your shoes out and about.

Looking good 😍

Sugru is brilliant for revamping your tired old shoes. Who needs to buy new? Reimagine them with a one-of-a-kind design using Sugru and you'll be the envy of all.