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The Restart Project is Fundraising!

Contributions will go a long way in helping tackle a world-wide waste problem

The Restart Project is Fundraising

If you don’t already know - the wonderful Restart Project has recently turned 5 years old. That’s 5 years of electrical repair, skill sharing and waste saving that’s amounted to 4,314 kilograms of rubbish that has NOT gone to landfill.

To celebrate this milestone they’re aiming to raise £1 for every kilogram of electronic waste prevented. Quick calculation - yes you got it, they’re aiming to raise £4,314 to pump back into their brilliant (now global) project.

So dig deep folks and if you need extra impetus here are just 3 reasons to support the organisation

  1. It is a great community with awesome volunteers, and run by an insanely creative and generous bunch who put on events around the UK and now Europe. They want the community repair events to stay free for everyone!

  2. Restart’s work in education is gathering steam. If you want to see repair taught in schools then these guys may just make it happen.

  3. The team is building innovative ways to capture data vital in applying some much needed pressure on  manufacturers and policy makers.

Head over to their donation page to show your support and really join the fixing movement!

The Restart Project is Fundraising