How to repair holes and cracks in your car dashboard

Bumps and bangs inevitably happen inside your car and so in this guide, we will show you how to repair cracks and holes that may appear on your dashboard and on the inside of the car door.

sugru is great for this because:

- it is strong and durable

- can be colour mixed to match the inside of your car

- it bonds to most materials (particularly to most car interiors!)


  • Your damaged car part
  • 1 or 2 5g minipacks of sugru (depending on the size of the crack)
  • Scissors
  • Soapy water
  • Toilet/Tissue paper

Step 1

White and black Sugru being held over crack in dashboard

Cut open your minipacks of sugru.

For this car part, we are colour mixing to make a light grey so have used a whole minipack of white and a little blob of black.

For colour mixing, it is always easier to start lighter and add more black, than the other way around.

Step 2

Black and white Sugru being mixed together

Mix the two colours together by kneading it in your fingers. It will start to marble, but will eventually blend together to make a single colour.

If your fingers start to get sticky, wipe them on the toilet/tissue paper.

Step 3

Grey Sugru being held next to crack

Keep adding black (or white) until your sugru matches perfectly with the interior of your car!

Step 4

Grey Sugru covering over crack in dashboard

Roll out a sausage of sugru and place it over the crack.

Step 5

Sugru being moulded with finger

Using your finger, slowly start to pat the sugru down to spread it across the affected area. Roll your finger over any bumpy parts of the sugru to flatten them out.

TOP TIP: The sugru will bond much better to the plastic if you can't see a shadow where the sugru and car part meet!

Step 6

Soapy water used to smooth over Sugru with finger

Wipe soapy water over the sugru to create a smooth surface finish and to get rid of any cracks, fingerprints or lumps and bumps.

Step 7

Car door with repaired area

Leave the sugru to cure overnight and hey presto! The interior of your car is fixed and ready for more great years of service!