20 ways to improve your crafting tools

Crafters love to make... and we know how much makers love their tools! Whether you're cutting, carving, gluing, sharpening, sketching, painting, knitting or crocheting, you'll find something here for you — here are 20 clever ways to use sugru to hack, improve and fix your favourite tools.

Oh and if you're looking for more inspiration, check out the craft & making section for loads more ideas from the sugru community.

1. Make scalpels more comfortable to use

Have you ever had a strain in your hand after using a scalpel for a while? Did you know you can use sugru to customise it to fit your grip, making it softer, more grippy, ergonomic and help eliminate that scalpel strain! sugru will bond well to the handle, be soft and cushion your finger from the hard metal edge.

Maeve Clancey is an artist who is dab hand when it comes to scalpels (we're talking +280 hours of cutting for some of her beautiful projects!) Maeve creates incredible and elaborate hand cut paper installations and uses sugru pads on her scalpels to make things more comfortable.

2. Repair, adapt and improve scissors

Loads of ways sugru can help with your scissors — rescue a favourite pair, adapt one for someone left handed, make them comfier to use or maybe add some more grip?

3. Make a protective cover for sharp and delicate tools

Rainer bought a new and expensive pair of scissors, but they had sharp and fragile edges. To stop them being damaged, he created a customised sheath out of sugru. He's even made a step-by- step guide so you can create your own.

4. Make a rest for your paintbrushes

Carol's brushes kept rolling off the table while she was painting, so she made indents in a piece of sugru for each brush. Now they stay just where she needs them.

5. Organise your paint brushes

Yiheng came up with the clever idea of using paper clips to hang her paint brushes. She used sugru on the ends to mark the hooks and cover the sharp edges.

6. Prevent water damage to your brushes

Instructables user Rvaya is an artist who has uses sugru's water resistant properties to help save her brushes from water damage.

"The seam between the metal holding the bristles in and the wooden handle is the most vulnerable area of a brush. It is such a small area too that it would drive me crazy to see some of my favourite brushes ending up disintegrating. Besides just trying my hardest not to leave my brushes in my water cups there wasn't much I could do to ward against this, until now!"

7. Personalise your paint palette

This is Nina's favourite watercolour set from Windsor & Newton.

"...after I got some sugru I looked at the palette and noticed this wonderful place along the middle of the palette for the brush that came with the set (which I lost in a river!). So I made some sugru partitions :) That's it - now I have some colours I use rarely, but enjoy having for a special mix or accent."

8. Create your own DIY paint palette

Anton's paint palette was missing, so he used an old plastic plate instead. It ended up being perfect for mixing colours and the paint washed off the plastic easily, so he decided to improve on it. Anton used the handle from a gallon of milk left in the recycling and sugru-ed it to the back of the plate — so clever!

9. Make a collection pot for pencil sharpenings

Emma made this useful collection pot to keep her desk clean and tidy. She cut a hole in the lid of a jam jar and sugru-ed her sharpener to the underside of the lid. We also spot people sugru-ing them on the inside of their bins (smart thinking!).

10. Make a pen or pencil grip

David added this sugru pencil grip on the side of his sketch pad so he's always got one handy when inspiration strikes.

11. Make a grip for your ruler

12. Make a grip for your tablet stylus

Nissa contacted with this one. "I like to use my tablet to draw, but the stylus is too thin and uncomfortable to use for drawing longer than 20 minutes." So she created this clever removable sugru grip, which fit's her grip perfectly.

13. Organise your whiteboard markers

If you're like us here, a lot of ideas begin on a whiteboard! Paraic from the sugru team attached magnets to the caps of our markers so they are always handy for meetings. Plus when we need new ones we just swap the caps!

14. Improve your knitting basket with a sugru clip

An easy way to improve the function of your knitting basket or container. By moulding a sugru hoop on the edge of the basket the wool will not bounce away when tugged and also the yarn won't tangle. The wool can be clipped in and out easily to remove your knitting. Here's a step-by-step guide so you can make your own.

15. Customise your crochet hooks

"I have been doing a lot of crochet work lately and my hooks started to hurt my third finger (little blister coming on...) but sugru came to my rescue! It feels nice and comfy now. :)" — Johanna, Belgium.

16. Make felting needles more comfortable

"I do a lot of needle felting and have used sugru to cushion the ends of my felting needles to improve grip and comfort. The sugru makes for a more comfortable and improved grip on the felting needle. It also allows me to 'weld' two needles together for faster felting. Different colours for different gauge/size needles. Perfect! One of my favourite things to make are Aliens!" — Amanda

17. Make a magnetic holder for a saddlers round knife

"I made a tool rack from a repurposed wooden stool and needed a way to safe store a very sharp knife that was still quick and easy to access. The sugru magnet kit provided the perfect solution. A couple of 22mm countersunk holes were all that was needed to house the magnets on the backside of one of the legs." — Adam

18. Make a DIY safety stand for a hot glue gun

Hot guns are often light-weight and unstable during use. Sugru-er Chinsu attached an old bicycle clip to a heavy ceramic tile with sugru, to create a much safer and solid DIY stand.

19. Improve the handle of a wood burning pen

Deborah made a sugru grip for her wood burning pen. It helps protect her fingers from the heat while in use and make also makes it more comfortable to use.

20. Prevent burning your hand on a hot lamp

It's so easy to burn your hand on hot lamp. Seeing as loads of makers and crafters always need well lit space to work, we thought this was a useful one to include. (Talking of lamps, there's a very funny story behind this lamp hack!)