How to Make Your Own Unique Snow Globe

Snow globes are a timeless classic, captivating us with their magic and charm. But did you know they're also easy to make for yourself? Sugru sticks to lots of materials, is completely waterproof and brilliant at sealing. So it's perfect for making unique, personalised snow globes.  Follow the simple steps below to create your masterpiece.

Step 1: Choose your centrepiece

Gather the items to make the centrepiece of your snow globe. You can use upcycled toys and found items or create your own designs from Sugru. This is your chance to get creative so let your imagination run wild. 

Step 2: Put your scene together

Use Family-Safe Sugru to stick your decorations onto the metal or cork lid of an empty jar. Then, let it cure for 24 hours.

Step 3: Seal your snow globe

Fill the jar with water and glitter in the colours of your choosing and attach the decorated lid to the jar (not the other way around). Then, securely seal the lid to the jar with Sugru, and in 24 hours, it’ll be glitter and watertight.

Once it's cured, there's only one thing to do, sit back, shake, and enjoy. For more fantastic Christmas ideas head over to our page dedicated to creative Christmas ideas.