5 creative ideas to improve your kitchen

Kitchens are the heart and soul of a home. They're where we cook, work, entertain or simply just relax after a long day.

So here are some ideas to help you get the most out of the busiest room in your home.

1. Solve those everyday problems

Ever burnt your hand on a metal pan handle? Try making a heatproof grip and say goodbye to burnt fingers!

Keep a look out for those everyday problems you've learned to ignore, get out the sugru and find a solution that works for you.

2. Get organised!

Create hooks and grips to store utensils where you need them.

Or organise your pot lids with sugru hooks! (Thanks for the inspiration @Janmey)

3. Bring the tech

Here's a super handy idea to keep your tablet out of harm's way in the kitchen. Now you're free to browse recipes or catch up on your favourite show while you cook!

Thanks to sugru user Frederik for first thinking up this genius idea :)

4. Make your plugs easier to use

You're hands are probably going to be all messy, what with all that cooking. So make things easier and add some vintage handles to your plugs.

5. Hang plant pots wherever you want them!

Bring the outside inside this spring, with this fun project dreamt up by our very own James !

But don't stop there! Think of all the possibilities in your kitchen and have fun... :)