How to make unicorn bookends


Father and daughter make unicorn bookend with Sugru

Step 1

Get a plastic unicorn toy (this one that is available on Amazon is perfect because it's made in two halves). Cut two flat pieces of wood to the size of a book. Choose wood that is thick enough to hold the weight of your books.

Girl applying Sugru to block of wood

Step 2

Line the feet of the unicorn up with the bottom edge by placing your piece of wood at a 90-degree angle to it, and mark with a pencil where your unicorn body will go. Now take half a single-use pack of Sugru Mouldable Glue and mould it into a pyramid, ready to receive the front half of your unicorn toy.

Unicorn toy pressed onto Sugru on wood block

Step 3

Press the front half of the unicorn toy down onto the Sugru pyramid firmly. Remember to use your second piece of wood or another flat object to ensure that the feet are at 90 degrees. This will ensure that your bookend will stand up straight once the Sugru has set.

Father reads back of Sugru pack

Step 4

Repeat with the second piece of wood and the hind legs of your unicorn. Milly, who made this project here, used some leftover Sugru to decorate the rest of the wood with some beads. You may have your own ideas!

Books placed between unicorn bookends made with Sugru

Step 5

Leave everything in a safe place for 12-24 hours to give the Sugru time to set. Now you're ready to use your awesome new unicorn bookends. Enjoy!