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How to repair a USB charger cable

Step 1 — Open your Sugru

Cut open one single use pack of Sugru roll it in your hand for a little while. Roll it into a snake and flatten it out.

Step 2 — Stick it

Wrap the flattened Sugru snake around your cable, making sure it's snug with the plastic case of the charger. 

Step 3 — Shape it

Once you're happy with the shape, use a bit of soapy water to smoothen the surface.

Step 4 — It turns into rubber

Actually, now you don't have to do anything at all. Leave the Sugru to cure over night and voila— your cable is as good as new.

Step 5 — Repeat

Now the opportunities are endless: You could go and fix all your friends' cables and they'll be eternally grateful. You can do this project with your new cables to prevent them from splitting in the first case. You can colour code all your cables. And and and... Have fun!