Why is our all-purpose mouldable glue so cool?

Where liquid glues just don’t work, tapes are temporary, and epoxies are rigid and hazardous – Sugru Mouldable Glue steps in. With its unique combination of properties and clean ease of use, Sugru delivers results regular glues can’t.

Sugru is the most versatile glue on the planet.

It will fill awkward gaps, works well with unusual shapes, bonds permanently to most materials, and turns into a surprisingly strong yet flexible rubber.

Sugru is skin-safe and more versatile and creative than mouldable plastic, epoxies and super glue put together. It is, quite simply, the best glue for mess-free everyday repairs, creative, craft and DIY projects around the home, indoors and out.

Tested to ASTM standards
Reach Compliance
Regulatory & Consumer safety testing

Why don't you Sugru it?