Mouldable Glues


Mouldable glues in action

Where liquid glues simply don’t work, tapes are temporary, and epoxies are rigid and hazardous – Sugru Mouldable Glues step in. With its unique combination of properties, Sugru delivers results regular glues can’t touch.

It will fill awkward gaps, works well with unusual shapes, will bond permanently to most materials, and turns into a surprisingly flexible rubber.

Two Unique Formulas

Technical Information

Shelf Life

Unopened Sugru will stay fresh for 13 months from the date it is made.

If you use it within this date, the cured Sugru will last and last. You'll find a Use-By date on the back of each single-use pack.

Pro tip: If you keep unopened single-use packs in the fridge, the number of months you have left to use them will triple.

Advanced Silicone Technology

We have granted patents in key global territories. In response to new uses and increasing consumer and professional demand, our specialist team of material scientists, chemists and innovators continue to optimise and extend our Formerol® platform technology.

Our latest patent pending formula is family-safe and skin-friendly. It offers excellent performance and delivers chemistry mild enough to meet stringent regulations governing use by children.

Tested to ASTM standards
Invented & Compounded in the UK
Reach Compliance
Regulatory & Consumer safety testing

Commercial & Industrial Applications

Our technology is under development and testing in a variety of market sectors and industries including aerospace, automotive, sports, healthcare and clean energy. We welcome both technical and commercial enquiries from engineers and specifiers who see our technology as a potentially innovative solution to their challenges.