5 upcycling tips when prepping for Christmas

If Christmas comes but once a year why the heck do we buy so much stuff? Decorations, presents, fancy foot wear, hilarious headgear.…. you name it, we buy it. 

We have some excellent upcycling tips from Max McMurdo that can help you get a little more creative in the lead up to Christmas. It'll make preparing for the season so much more fun. 

And who better to advise on upcycling than Max? Aside from his busy schedule as a TV presenter, he's successfully built a business on taking everyday waste objects and playfully upcycling them into awesome accessories and functional furniture for the home. 

Anyways, without further a do, here are 5 upcycling tips to prepare for the holidays. 

1. Keep hold of wine bottle corks

 Wine corks framed to make a noticeboard

These can be used to fit into an upcycled frame to create a quirky notice board. Alternatively collect lots to cover a tabletop or wall area. Cork is both on trend and a great sustainable material.

2. Use old lightbulbs as baubles

Lightbulb turned into bauble with Sugru

This is a great way to make use of old bulbs. You can create festive characters using Sugru Mouldable Glue to hold the different pieces together. 

3. Give tins a new lease of life

Sprayed tins used as table decoration

Spray bean cans gold, copper and brass to welcome Christmassy metallics into the home. These can be used to house wild winter flowers or houseplants which will create a gorgeous centrepiece for the table. Scatter sprayed and natural pine cones to compliment the industrial tin surface. 

4. Create your own name labels

Name tags made out of old newspaper cuttings

Use old newspaper and magazine letter cutouts to stick onto brown luggage tags to create name labels for the table. This avoids those awkward family pairings and can be attached to wine glasses after dinner to reduce the amount of washing up throughout the day. They also make great personalised gift tags.  

5. Use an old folding ladder as a Christmas tree

Old step ladder turned into a Christmas tree

If your Christmas tree has seen better days or you’re simply in need of an additional one, use an old folding wooden ladder instead. Mount a star (or preferred tree topper) at the top and hang baubles from the centre to create a great feature piece your guests are sure to comment on. 

Got any cool upcycling hacks of your own? Please share them with us by emailing us on [email protected] or tag @sugru on your images on Instagram and Twitter. 

You can also get a handy pack of Sugru from our shop to have handy pre, during and post the festivities.