Are you an IKEA hacker?

MEET JULES - THE LADY BEHIND IT ALL… is a website that kind of explains why Sugru was invented in the first place. It’s a place where people creatively modify, repurpose and hack things to work better for them. Wow, right?

And if that wasn’t awesome enough, each project featured uses only products from IKEA - which weirdly makes it all the more compelling. There are literally limitless opportunities to make bespoke versions of the furniture pieces on offer at IKEA and IKEAHackers simply hosts some of the best ideas.

So who had this brilliant brainwave and the foresight to bring together a community of IKEA crazed fans? Meet Jules. 

Jules the website is now over 10 years old. Has it all gone to plan or are you surprised by the success of it all?

When it first took off, it was a big surprise to me. I thought there would be some interest but little did I realise that there would be so many people, from all around the world, interested in modifying their Ikea products. I would say IKEA hacking is pretty mainstream now. Most interior decorating blogs would feature a hack or two or more.

What were you doing before IKEA Hackers? Anything related?

I was a copywriter. Not exactly related but you could say I was always in content creation.

Your community seems so dedicated, do you ever meet up with them offline?

It is quite strange that the founder of is in Malaysia. The Maker/ DIY community here is still in its infancy, so I've not met many hackers here in person. Only 3 at last count. And a few in Singapore. Most of my readers hail from the US, UK, Australia and Europe.

This won’t be easy, but what’s your all time favourite or extreme IKEAHack?

That is a tough one. I've loved so many over the years. Every year I choose my top 10 favourite hacks. Here's last year's. 

And these my all time faves...

Turn your studio apartment into a 1 bedroom with PAX

Use FROSTA X to make a bookshelf

Do you have any contact with IKEA? Attending board meetings or the occasional Christmas card?

Happy to say, yes! I do work on some projects with IKEA Malaysia and even get to attend their Christmas party. :) Last year I attended their Future Search conference in Copenhagen, where I got to glimpse what the future holds for IKEA.  

Going off piste now into Sugru hacks - what's been your most creative use of Sugru?

I would say it was the project to attach 4 NÄSSJÖ candleholders to the base of the EXPEDIT shelving unit as fat round feet. The candleholder was thick and solid and I couldn't drill through it to attach it to the EXPEDIT. So I used Sugru and it worked! The hardest part was waiting for it to cure. 24 hours seem like forever when you can't wait to see whether a project is a win or fail. Other than that, minor repair on the handle of my scissors, making my frying pan handle heatproof, sticking magnets and hooks - usual Sugru stuff.

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