How to make terrazzo style earrings with Sugru


Sugru Jewellery

Sugru and jewellery-makers have always had a strong bond. Excuse the pun. But unlike ordinary glues, Sugru is soft to touch and gives a 30-minute working time to get your design just right before it starts to cure. This makes it much easier to control and deliver a neater finish.

Here Sugru super-guru Helga shows how to use fresh Sugru combined with left-over bits of set Sugru to make these gorgeously unique terrazzo style drop earrings.

Some old bits of set Sugru in different colours (this project is great for expired Sugru).
A fresh single-use pack of Sugru in a contrasting colour.
Either a pair of old earring studs or a new empty pair readily available at any craft retail or online store.
A small amount of chain.

A craft knife/scalpel.

Chop up some cured Sugru

You can also use other soft materials such as rubber, cable, or soft plastic. Just bear in mind that it's going to be sliced later to create a neat edge. Be very careful when using your craft knife/scalpel! 

Open a pack of fresh Sugru

Divide your pack into two equal halves. We recommend using Family-Safe Sugru for this project. It may take a little longer to cure, but it's perfect for projects that involve prolonged contact with skin.

Get rolling

Roll each half of fresh Sugru through the chopped-up pieces of ready-cured Sugru or other materials you’ve chosen. Try and collect as much as possible to cover the fresh Sugru.

Attach the earring studs

Bury an earring stud into each blob of decorated fresh Sugru. Steady as you go. Try to do this as neatly as you can!

Add the chains

Bury the chain into the underside of each blob of decorated fresh Sugru. We will be cleaning the area up once cured.

This part is optional, but you can attach a smaller blob of fresh Sugru (maybe a different colour) to the end of each chain. 

Leave to cure

We advise that you give your project 24 hours to cure securely. 

Neaten up

Remember to be careful when using your craft knife/scalpel! Gently chop through the decorated Sugru to make more regular surfaces and achieve a terrazzo or tutti frutti finish.

boom 🔥

There you have it, or rather the ears have it. You can also affix these beauties onto some card – great for gifting!

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