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A little history of the Sugru car

Wait, what? There's a Sugru car? Oh yes, there is. When Katie from sugru made plans to visit the top 50 B&Q stores across the UK for our exciting launch in B&Q stores, the awesome team over at Toyota UK were nice enough to lend us a Prius for the task!

First thing we did was to add the BIGGEST Sugru logo we've ever made, right across the roof! But you know us - we couldn't leave it there.

So Tim and Ben from team Sugru worked day and night (fuelled by pizzas) and covered the entire car by hand with our favourite quotes from our community of Sugru-ers. Your voice became our voice.

Here's 24 hours of hard work condensed to 50 seconds!

Was that too quick? ok ok here's a few more photos to give you a better look at the sugru-mobile!

Once the Sugru car was transformed, our lovely Katie took off on an epic 11 day road trip around the UK to visit 46 of the top B&Q stores, meeting staff and introducing them to the magic of sugru :) over 1,500 miles...go Katie!

People started spotting Katie out on the road.

Whilst on the road, the sugru car sure kept attracting attention wherever it went. We received some great photos and videos of people spotting it out and about..

..and it even made it into a video shoot for Johnny Borrell's latest music video for 'Pan-European Supermodel Song (Oh! Gina)'!

It's also had a few nights out on the town...

The biggest journey the Sugru car has completed thus far though is certainly Juan's road trip from Sugru HQ in London to an outdoor faire in southern Germany. Using Sugru to attach a GoPro camera to the car, you can follow his entire journey via this 40-second video.

If all of this wasn't enough yet to satisfy your curiosity, then we've got a bit more here for you. Toyota interviewed Jane for their blog - check it out for more information on Sugru and, of course, the sugru-mobile.

Did you know Sugru can help repair your dashboard or broken key fobs, put mirrors wherever you want them, make custom mounts for your phone or GPS device and protect cars and bikes from scratches, and loads of other things. Check out the Cars & Motorbikes section.