How to adapt your garden tools to work best for you

Working a lot on your garden can take it out on your hands, so it is important to have good tools. But however good your tools, they were not designed with just you in mind. With Sugru Mouldable Glue you can modify your gardening equipment to make them really fit you.

Sugru is great for this as it bonds to most materials, is easily formed and remains soft touch when set!


  • 4 single-use packs of Sugru
  • Soapy water
  • Marker pen

Step 1

Fork being pushed into grass

Before you open your Sugru it's best to spend some time thinking about how you use your tools. Each tool is used differently, so think about how you hold it and where you apply pressure. With the fork tool, a lot of force is applied downwards so it would be useful to have some sugru positioned between the thumb and index finger to push against.

Step 2

Sharpie marking fork handle

Mark the point of your grip where you wish to apply some Sugru.

Step 3

Fork being held over grass

When performing a digging action with the fork, it would be useful to make a Sugru grip on the underside for the fingers to push against.

Step 4

Marking pen being used on fork handle

Mark the underside accordingly.

Step 5

Two balls of Sugru being held

Now it's time to open your Sugru. You will need around 4 single-use packs for most large grips. Knead the Sugru between your fingers for roughly 10 seconds.

Once you have kneaded the packs of Sugru together into one large ball, divide it into 2 pieces. Roughly a 1/4 piece for the top grip and 3/4 piece for the underside.

We've done a bit of colour mixing to get this lovely blue, if you want to try a bit yourself then have a look at our colour mixing page.

Step 6

Ball of Sugru being applied to fork handle

Press the smaller piece into the marked point on the top. Ensure that it is sufficiently pressed into the handle.

Step 7

Balls of Sugru being held in palm

Split the remaining Sugru into two pieces.

Step 8

Roll of Sugru being applied to back of handle

Roll one of the pieces into a sausage the length between the two points you marked on the underside. Press it into place on the underside of the handle. Again make sure that it is sufficiently worked into the handle.

Step 9

Soapy water on hands

Now it is time to get an impression of your grip in the Sugru. Cover the hand which you will use to hold the tool in soapy water.

Soapy water acts as a releasing agent for Sugru so allows you to take an impression without the Sugru sticking to your hand.

Step 10

Fork being held with Sugru on handle

Gently grip the tool as you would hold it when using it. Press into your grip any Sugru that spreads out the side.

Step 11

Sugru on back of handle with finger imprints

You will now have an impression of your grip on the top and underside of the tool.

Step 12

Extra Sugru used to build up grip

You will now want to build up parts of the grip using the remaining Sugru. Use in small amounts and just place and press into the grip. Do not worry too much about appearance at this stage, we will tidy up the Sugru later.

Step 13

Sugru grip with deep finger imprints

Keep in mind where pressure needs to be applied and build up the grip accordingly.

Step 14

Fork being held with Sugru grips

Once the new Sugru is in place, put a little more soapy water on your hand and gently re-grip the Sugru.

Step 15

Edges of grip pressed in

Press down the edges of the Sugru all around the grip to ensure a strong bond.

Step 16

Sugru grips being smoothed over with soapy water

Smooth the grip with your finger and a bit of soapy water to get a tidy finish.

Step 17

Fork balanced on wooden box

Leave the tool to set for 12-24 hours. Ensure that it is propped up so that the Sugru is not touching any surface. Use tape to secure it in place if necessary.