How to make fun hooks your kids can reach

We all like to be as independent as we can, even when we’re too small to say so. This practical and quirky idea lets kids hang up their own coats by simply putting a hook at the right height for them.

Check out our cute new video and see how you can adapt your home for your little ones in no time :D

Sugru bonds to most materials, so you can use almost anything for this project — we used a plastic toy airplane for ours, but if you're feeling creative you can use almost anything, even a standard hook. (find more ideas below)

You will need to use one single use pack of Sugru to attach each toy.

Step 1

Roll one single-use pack of Sugru into two balls and press them firmly onto your object. Then mould them into pyramid shapes with your fingers.

Step 2

Press firmly onto the door so Sugru pushes out the sides. Then gently rub the edges to make it nice and smooth.

Step 3

Use masking tape to hold the airplane in place and leave it to set for a full 24 hours. Yours kids are going to love using these hooks.

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And you can do all these cool projects with our new kits.