How to make plugs easier to pull with vintage door handles

This is a clever spin on our easy to pull plug improvement. It involves sticking a door/draw knob to the back of a plug. It is far easier to make and looks amazing! This improvement is great for the kitchen, where often your hands are wet & dirty so man handling your plugs is not the best idea. With these easy to remove plugs its a breeze and you can concentrate solely on your cooking! Also great for people with limited hand mobility!


  • 1 single-use pack of Sugru
  • Door knob

Step 1

Pyramid of Sugru on door handle

Cut open the single-use pack, remove the Sugru and knead between your fingers for around 10 seconds. Then press the Sugru into the base of the door knob and shape it into a small pyramid.

Step 2

Door handle pushed ont plug

Press the point of the pyramid into the back of the plug.

Step 3

Excess Sugru moulded to seal joint

Press and smooth the edge of the Sugru that has spread out of the sides to ensure a strong bond and tidy finish.

Step 4

Plug and door handle plugged into extension cable

Leave to set by plugging into a flat socket. If it is vertical there is a chance the handle could start to sag as it sets. Leave to set for 12-24 hours.