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How to make plugs easier to use

Plugs can sometimes be very tricky to pull from sockets, particularly for those suffering from arthritis and others conditions that mean fiddly actions that require a bit of force are sometimes tough. This fix is simple and easy to do and was inspired by a tip from the Arthritis Research UK website.

sugru is perfect for this problem because

- it can be moulded to perfectly fit your fingers
- it is hard wearing and durable

TOP TIP: If you to do this fix more than once and use different colours, it can help you identify which plug is which!


  • Your plug
  • 2x 5g minipack of sugru
  • Scissors

Step 1

Sugru ball being pressed onto plug

Cut open and mix your 2 minipacks of sugru together.

Press the 10g of sugru onto the casing of your plug, making sure it is stuck down on all sides for great adhesion!

Step 2

Handle shape being moulded out of ball of Sugru

Extrude the blob to make it taller by pinching the sugru. It should be around 1.5 cm tall and the width should be roughly the size of your thumbnail.

Step 3

Finger used to press down and pinch together Sugru ball on plug

Pinching just below the top of the sugru 'stalk', press down on the top to make the top flat.

Step 4

T shape moulded out of Sugru

Press and pinch the top, sculpting the sugru so that it makes a T shape.

The 'arms' of the T should be about half the width of your finger and the height of the stalk can be shortened by pressing down the stalk so that it doesn't sag and flop to one side.

Leave to cure for 24 hours. You may have to check back on it, to make sure it isn't flopping over - if it is, shorten and correct the stalk so that it stands upright.

Step 5

Sugru handle being used to pull out plug from socket

24 hours later and the sugru has cured!

This should make it a lot easier for you to pull out those difficult plugs and even help you identify which plug is which!

Step 6

Plug with blue Sugru handle

And here's a modified US plug - made in a slightly different method but it helps in exactly the same way!