Make your GoPro float with a coke bottle and sugru!

Meet Holly and James our sugru-ers of the month for July. They won for this clever GoPro pole mount hack on an old ski pole, to let them take great selfies on the journey. They are both web designers, and decided to travel round the world while keeping their clients happy! — we love their style!

Now they've come up with another brilliant idea.

"Whenever we get the chance, we’re straight in the water. Luckily, on our travels we get the chance to take a dip quite often, be it lake, river or ocean. We always take our GoPro because underwater shots are still a massive novelty to us. There’s only one problem..."

GoPros don't float!

If you lose your grip of it, well that can be expensive!

"There are other products on the market that solve this problem. But we travel with tiny backpacks so we don't have the space, and they're not the cheapest things in the world either!"

They needed a solution that was cheap, tiny and durable. After a few iterations, they came up with an ingenious idea... the Coke Bottle GoPro Float!

It’s simple to make, all you need is a Coke bottle lid, a 1/8th inch screw, some Sugru and 2 nuts. You’ll spend $2 on materials, but save loads on replacing your GoPro!

"Now when we go out on the water we just need to find a universal drinks bottle!

Looks like their worrying days are over... cannonbaaaaaaall

Now make your own!

Check out their awesome video guide they have created. It shows you the simple steps you need to follow to create your own!

Keep up the awesomeness guys! Can't wait for your next idea... no pressure! :D