Meet our new Formula of Sugru


You asked for it, we made it!

Over the years, families everywhere told us that their kids wanted to fix things too. Our huge challenge was to balance technical performance with chemistry mild enough for little hands. Now, after several years of development, we’ve cracked it! 

Hear from Jane, our CEO, and the parents and kids who put it to the test.

Kinder to your skin

Using a special combination of ingredients mild enough for even prolonged skin exposure, this is the formula of Sugru we recommend for creative and craft uses, as well as fixes that involve extended contact with your skin.


When it comes to bringing products that contain chemicals into our homes, many of us with kids think twice. Our new formula is suitable for unsupervised use by children from 8 years of age. Fix toys together with your kids. Or give them an awesome new tool for making and creating and see their imagination go wild.

Why choose Family-safe | Skin-friendly Formula?

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Kind to your skin
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Perfect for craft

Sugru Family-safe | Skin-friendly Formula is the world’s first mouldable glue for all the family. Recommended for creative grown-ups and children aged 8+. 

Just a few awesome things it can do

Families love it – tried and tested by parents and kids

Micah (8) fixed one of his toys. I love the idea of teaching my kids to fix things… to value their stuff and take care of it themselves - Tunde, Mum of four, including Micah

Milly (9) is so creative. She loves dance, fashion and interior design. She’s always coming up with ideas to decorate her room. She also adores reading and unicorns. So, together we made unicorn book-ends! It was such an easy and fun project – for both of us! - Matt, Dad of two, including Milly (9)

I play lead guitar and bass guitar. I used Sugru to make a really cool pedal board from a log and magnets – it’s so much nicer to use my pedals now. - Taylor (12)

Tested to ASTM standards
Invented & Compounded in the UK
Reach Compliance
Regulatory & Consumer safety testing

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