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Make your own kid-proof camera Pick your perfect design

Make your own kid-proof camera

A kids camera - based on other's designs, with modifications. By sugru guru @pokysmot ( - Inspired by sugru-user Stefan's original ( Learn how to make your own here:

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Hi Motorpsychlist! Yes, it would, if you cover these outlets. We recommend to form the walls in a way that avoids this.

  • linda
  • linda
  • 5 Uploads
  • 161 Hearts
  • 7 Fixes

Wouldn't changing batteries or removing the memory card be a challenge after doing something like this?

This is one of my all time favourites. Super clever and it's awesome to see more people doing it too.

  • james
  • james
  • 10 Uploads
  • 146 Hearts
  • 31 Fixes