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Patch a Therm-a-Rest camping mat Even whilst on the trail


Patch a Therm-a-Rest camping mat


Patch a Therm-a-Rest camping mat

I live in the desert. This is a cholla (say CHOY ya) cactus forest. Cholla spines get into everything. I camp a lot and use a Therm-a-Rest self-inflating mattress, which around here is jokingly referred to as a PermaFlat, because of the prickly nature of the environment. 

When the mattress doesn't have any holes in it, it's super comfy. Therma-Rest makes a repair kit which is a huge inconvenience to use either in the field or at home. I just repaired my most recent puncture with sugru - MUCH easier than the manufacturers repair kit! I'm so pleased! By sugru guru @janetplanet (

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Did this for a neighbour, their Therma-Rest had a little hole in it too and it patched up a treat. Thanks for sharing, I love fixing stuff for other people, this was super inspiring.

  • james
  • james
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good idea, I have a terma-rest as well and will keep it in mind. Just in case ;-)

  • joergh
  • joergh
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