Get your car ready for a road trip

car with holiday items around it

Sunny weather signals the perfect time to plan a road trip.

After all, there's no better feeling than the freedom of driving. Your favourite track on the radio, the horizon in your sights, just you and your friends or family making your way somewhere great.

Don't let awkward breaks or bad design hold you back. Watch this video for 4 awesome ways to get your car holiday ready, and hit the road with peace of mind this summer.

Sugru Mouldable Glue is ideal for these projects because it bonds well to most materials, and what's great is if you decide to sell your car or upgrade your gadgets, Sugru is removable!

You can shape your Sugru fixes to suit any car, as well as adding personal touches with a custom colour. Need to top up on Sugru? Head over to the Sugru shop.

1. Repair cracked plastic

Crack in car wing mirror repaired with Sugru

Save yourself a time-consuming trip to the mechanics - or an expensive replacement part! - and repair the cracked plastic of your wing mirror with Sugru.

Sugru loves the outdoors, so even if it rains during your road trip, you'll be fully prepared. (We'll cross our fingers that it doesn't!)

2. Make handy hooks

Glasses on Sugru hooks in car

Spending a lot of time in a car with a lot of people always leads to one thing: mess!

Here's a really handy way to keep your stuff organised while you're on the move. Make yourself some handy Sugru hooks and you'll be able to keep your road-trip essentials (like your sunglasses!) within reach at all times. Easy to grab and easy to replace.

3. Get your cables under control

Sugru grips hold wires in car

Technology is awesome, and it can be essential when planning a road-trip. You've got your GPS for direction and your iPod for music... but what about all those pesky cables? They're always going to get in the way!

Conquer spaghetti cable mountain and keep your car clutter-free, with this great way to organise your wires and cables with Sugru.

4. Fix awkward snaps

Car ariel fixed with Sugru

Ahh, the radio! Sometimes it's the only thing that keeps us sane on those long drives.

So, whether you're catching up on the football scores or singing your heart out, make sure your aerial is in top working order with Sugru!

Whether you're on two wheels or four, (or three!), Sugru is ideal for keeping you on the road.