7 fixes for a fun, stress-free holiday.

This summer, you might find yourself on a campervan road trip across Canada like our travel fixing heroes Derrick and Paula. Read more about them in our blog post:  A guy, a girl and a campervan. Maybe you’ll be doing a yurt in the yellowwoods of Kentucky or a bell tent with a butler at Glastonbury Festival. Perhaps you’re heading for an eco-camp in Chile or lazing on a sun-drenched beach on the Mediterranean. Whatever your destination, here are some genius on-the-go fixing ideas to make your travels run like clockwork.

01. The little emergency tin.

We’re a bit excited about this one – introducing our latest travel addition: The little emergency tin! A kind of multi-tool meets a first aid kit. Simply repurpose a Sugru Mouldable Glue tin and pack it with emergency essentials. Painkillers, plasters, tweezers, safety pins, a needle and thread, buttons, paperclips, fold-away scissors, string, an antiseptic wipe, and a single-use pack of Sugru – you’ll be amazed how much you fit into this tiny tin.

02. Reusable is good.

We’ve said it before, so we’ll say it again. Wherever you go this summer, remember to take reusable water bottles, and avoid disposable plastic ones at all costs. Use some Sugru to personalise them and make little feet to stop them from rolling around in transit. Even keep the kids happy with some LEGO accessories. 

03. All you need is less (and a bit of clever packing).

Right, so you’ve fished out the camping gear and dusted off the cobwebs ready for your next trip. Now’s the time to get ahead of the game and do some of these brilliant camping hacks.

04. Make camping gear more grippy.

Use Sugru to secure those pesky tent pegs into the ground by making them more grippy. It’s also great for building custom grips on vital tools like your camping mallet.

05. Emergency fixes.

That’s torn it! There’s nothing worse than a ripped tent or punctured mattress – especially when you’re out in the middle of nowhere. Fear not. Sugru to the rescue. It will even seal leaky boots and restore worn shoes.

06. That’s entertainment.

You could be on a campsite, in a forest cabin or at a deluxe resort. No matter. Everyone loves to zone out with a good film or a box set sometimes. Get comfortable with this easy gadget hack. It’s probably the coolest and most versatile tablet stand ever. Just saying.

07. Time to get cooking.

Travel is always about the food and camping is no exception. So be prepared by using Sugru to make all your outdoor cooking utensils heat-resistant. With these tools and the right ingredients, al fresco fine dining is yours for the making – and eating. Bon appétit!

Wild at heart with en-suite solar showers.

If you are camp-curious but would prefer roughing it with resort-style amenities, there’s a whole world of glamping options out there to explore.

Check out this comprehensive piece on glamping. The Green Global Travel's blog was highlighted among the best travel writing on the web by National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel. Their philosophy is ambitious but simple: saving the world, one story at a time. From the sublimely sustainable to incredibly rarefied eco-luxury, this site is a great resource for ecotourism and responsible travel.

Lotus Belle.

If glamping is your thing, you might want to explore some of these beautiful nomadic abodes. Lotus Belle Tents was founded by Harriet Seddon whose passion for tent life produced these gorgeous designs. She was later joined by Jessica Walsh, who’d been working on the festival scene and witnessed the shocking waste caused by throwaway nylon tents.

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