Top 5 uses for sugru on holidays

Turns out you guys definitely don't switch off your hacking and repairing mode when you're away from home or on the road - just the opposite. For lots of us, being away from home is a whole new world of problem solving. Maybe like me, you keep a little bit of sugru in your backpack just in case. Check out these brilliant ideas and solutions you've sent us recently.

1. Patch up a punctured camping mat

"I live in the desert. This is a cholla (say CHOY ya) cactus forest. Cholla spines get into everything. I camp a lot and use a ThermaRest self inflating mattress, which around here is jokingly referred to as a PermaFlat, because of the prickly nature of the environment. When the mattress doesn't have any holes in it, it's super comfy. Therma-Rest makes a repair kit which is a huge inconvenience to use either in the field or at home. I just repaired my most recent puncture with sugru, much easier than the manufacturers repair kit!" Janet, Arizona.

2. Make your equipment work better for you

"I got my sugru home and started hacking immediately! I had an old cheap watch lying around and the strap on it was broken, I got 2 loops of sugru made up so I could put a paracord on it and tie it on anywhere I wanted on my thick-wristed dry suit but after getting it near my dive gear I found it was flexible enough and tough enough to clip into an empty spot on my dive console!" Davy, Orkney Islands.

3. Make custom parts

"Here is a carabiner clip which I made out of sugru, to hold my backup regulator in the right spot, so if my buddy needs it, it will be ready. sugru is soft enough that if my buddy diver would pull on the regulator, to use it, the clip would deform, and let the regulator go. It works! I have used it diving, and it comes free!!" Solomon, Hawaii.

4. Keep your favourite sunglasses going

A summer favourite for sugru'ers - people all over are tightening the fit of glasses that have become too loose, replacing broken nose-pads or making them comfier, or even making two pairs of broken sunglasses into one! These are from Vahakn and Solomon.

5. Protect your equipment

"This is my first hack using sugru, it's to prevent sand and seaweed from getting in my fishing reel. You might call it a sugru squeegee :)" Greg, Hawaii.

We hope you have a great time at the sea-side / in the mountains / on the road-trip / at the festival, or where ever you're heading on holidays and don't forget to pack a little bit of sugru... just in case.