Sugru is the world's first mouldable glue that turns into rubber.

Hand formable

Hand formable

Sugru can be formed and shaped by hand for up to 30 minutes once it has been removed from its packaging.


Sticks to almost anything

Sugru forms a strong bond to metal, ceramics, glass, wood and some plastics like perspex and ABS and rubbers like silicone and butyl rubber.

Air cures

Air cures at room temperature

Sugru is like modelling clay when you take it from its pack. Once it's exposed to air, it cures to a tough flexible silicone overnight using the moisture in the air.

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Normal size tea strainer + big mug of tea = problem!

Ugly temporary fix: blue tack

Nice permanent fix: blue sugru - to keep the colour.

Make a sugru hook to extend the side of the strainer enough to reach the side of the mug. Ta-da! No more tea leaves in your tea!

Kit list

  • Tea strainer
  • sugru
  • Big mug of tea (optional)

Step 1

Strainer on table

Clean the surface of the strainer - sugru always works best on a clean surface!

In this case the temporary fix was blue tack, which had to be removed completely and the strainer cleaned with soapy water

Step 2

Packet of Sugru and four balls of Sugru on a table with sellotape

Prepare the sugru by moulding it in your hands.

Separate a suitable amount and mould it into a ball

Make the ball into an oval and press into the side of the strainer

Shape into a hook-like form, to fit the side of the mug comfortably. I used a pen to roll the sugru into a hook

Step 3

Strainer placed on top of biscuit packet

Let it cure for 2 days or until ready

Note: the sugru was a bit soft in the beginning, so for the first hour it had to be hanging upside down so that the hook doesn't bend

Step 4

Mug with strainer and Sugru hook

Enjoy your tea with your enhanced new tea strainer