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How to organise your jewellery

Upcycle a mirror and door handles to create extra storage

How to organise your jewellery


Step 1 - Prepare

Gather the mirror that you'd like to upcycle, and your favourite ornate handles, which you'll use as hooks. If you have an IKEA Tosterup or something similar, it can be used to create a little extra shelf space.

Step 2 - Prepare the Sugru

Cut open your pack of Sugru (for this project, with the number of handles, we used one sachet and divided it into four bits. Roll the bits into balls ready to stick and shape onto the handles. Remember that you don't need too much Sugru, but you need to have enough for each handle to secure it onto the mirror, which depends on the weight and size of the ornaments you pick.

Step 3 - Stick & Shape

Stick a ball onto the bottom of one of the handles and shape it into a triangle which you can then press down onto the sides of the mirror. When you press down, Sugru should come out of the edges, which you can then tidy up with a toothpick so that it's smooth. Repeat with all your handles. 

Step 4 - It turns into rubber

Once you've finished, lay it on a flat surface and if you need to, secure the handles with a bit of tape. Leave to cure for 24 hours and your Sugru will set strong and durable.  

Step 5 - Create more storage

With this simple hack, you're able to create more space and get your clutter under control! This is an especially good solution for the bedroom or the bathroom.