Become a cross-stitch supremo


Every now and then, we all need easy, chilled days to relax and escape the humdrum of everyday life. On days like these, there’s nothing better to help you unwind than immersing yourself in a new hobby.

Activities like cross-stitch win every time. Needlework projects are known for focusing the brain while engaging the hands in a restful way. And you get to stitch up a nice little motto too. 

With the delightful kits from Innocent Bones, you'll experience cross-stitching the fun and fulfilling way. Grace Isobel, the lovely lady behind the Innocent Bones brand, shows us how.

In six steps, you'll learn how to free your mind with a needle and thread.

Step 1 - Find the centre of your fabric

Aida fabric folded in half

On your Aida fabric, locate the centre by folding it in half in both directions and finding the point at which both folds meet.

Centre point of paper pattern

This point corresponds to the pink dot on the centre of your Innocent Bones kit printed pattern. You'll find a similar mark or indicator for the centre point on most cross-stitch patterns.

Step 2 - Place your fabric in the hoop

Embroidery hoop screw is loosened

Loosen the screw of the embroidery hoop to separate the inner and outer hoops.

Aida fabric placed in embroidery hoop

Place the fabric between the inner and outer hoops, ensuring it is centred.

Embroidery hoop screw is tightened

Then retighten the screw.

Step 3 - Prep your thread

Cut an arm's length of embroidery thread.

This thread consists of six individual strands entwined. Separate the individual strands so that you have two threads – each with three strands.

Step 4 - Needles at the ready

Thread your needle with one of the three-stranded threads.

Tie a knot at the other end of the thread.

Push the needle through the centre point of your fabric (located in step 1) so that it comes out at the front.

Step 5 - Get stitching

Each coloured square on your printed pattern corresponds to a cross-stitch you will make on your fabric, composed of two diagonal stitches crossing each other.

Start by stitching in a row with diagonal stitches going one way.

Then stitch back on these in diagonal stitches going the other way so that they resemble crosses. 

Step 6 - You're on your way

As you've started in the centre, you will know where you are on the pattern. Count the squares on your pattern to know where to stitch next on your fabric.

When you have reached the end of your thread, you can end it by passing your needle through a few stitches on the back and cutting the thread. You can re-thread your needle to continue cross-stitching.

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