We’re huge fans of the interior design trend #cornerofmyhome blazing across social right now. So, we thought we’d challenge some of our favourite influencers to redecorate a corner of their home using little else but Sugru Mouldable Glue.

You’ll be pretty amazed by the DIY designs they came up with. What follows is a masterclass on easy home makeovers, and how with the right inspiration and a certain magic material in your toolbox, the creative possibilities are endless.

Teen girl cozy bedroom corner

by Little by Little Home

Teenage girls can be quite particular about how their bedrooms are decorated. They’re also prone to changing their minds. If they ever allow you inside their room and you make your way across the floordrobe, you may notice one or two neglected corners crying out for a revamp.

This lovely makeover project cleverly uses Sugru to transform a simple corner into a creatively organised space complete with decorative childhood memorabilia.

Leigh from Little by Little Home didn’t want to use screws, nails, or a staple gun on her daughter’s (rather jumbled) arts and crafts cabinet. As Sugru sticks to lots of materials like glass, ceramic, wood, metal, some plastics and most fabrics, she decided to attach a piece of fabric to the inside of the glass doors with Sugru, obscuring all the artistic chaos contained within. 

Leigh also avoided making holes in the wall by building some classic Sugru hooks to hang and display much-loved mementoes. Now, when her daughter decides to change things up a bit, everything is removable without leaving a trace.

Reimagine a corner sanctuary

by The Martin Nest

Don’t ever let wobbly coffee tables, broken mugs and excited kids get between you and your moments of stylish serenity.

With a little help from Sugru, Jessica from The Martin Nest managed to sort out the rocky table leg, repair her favourite coffee mug and make everything on her reclaimed shelf completely child-proof. She used Sugru to secure some of her frames and vases to the wooden shelf to stop them from slipping. Sugru is also excellent for making things scratch-proof. 

Who are these kids and why are they calling me mummy?

Stylish bathroom storage

by Eye In The Detail

Every discerning DIYer loves their tools. But sometimes, a tool-free solution is the way to go. When Jessie from Eye In The Detail wanted to create some extra storage in her gorgeous newly tiled bathroom, she knew nails and screws were a no-no.

That’s where Sugru steps up to the plate. Jessie used it to attach a wooden toothbrush holder between her mirrors seamlessly. She then added some Sugru to the lids of her storage jars, enabling her to keep them suspended directly under the shelf. Sugru is perfect for this kind of bathroom job because it’s completely waterproof and temperature-resistant.

How to organise your desk with Sugru

by A Heart Filled Home

Whether you’re creating a work-from-home office, a place to write, or a crafting space like Leslea from A Heart Filled Home, Sugru will help bring your vision to life. It’s the best glue to help you declutter your desk and workspace – even add some decorative touches.

Step 1

Get your storage jars and packs of Sugru at the ready.

Step 2

Tear open a single-use pack of Sugru, pinch off pea-sized pieces and roll them into balls.

Step 3

Press a ball of Sugru onto the lid of each storage jar and shape it into a cone.

Step 4

Press your jar lids carefully against the underside of your desk or shelf, ensuring a strong, level bond. Leave for 12–24 hours for the Sugru to fully set and adhere to the surface.

Step 5

Now fill your jars with any little things you like, such as stationery items (paperclips, staples, rubber bands) or craft supplies (beads, pins, buttons, glitter).

How to restore & decorate old pottery with Sugru

by A Heart Filled Home

If you noticed that fabulous-looking vase on Leslea’s craft desk, you’ll be thrilled to hear it was a thrift shop find she lovingly revived.

Sugru is the tool of choice when it comes to transforming old stuff into decorative masterpieces. It bonds to all kinds of materials and is especially suited to repairing and decorating ceramics, pottery and earthenware.

Have a go. Learn how to make your old pottery beautiful again with Leslea’s incredibly effective DIY technique.

Things you’ll need for this project:

• An old vase or any pottery piece
• Wooden half-circle beads (or any shaped beads)
• Semi-gloss spray paint (in the colour of your choice)
• Oh, and a few packs of Sugru, of course!

Step 1

Tear open a single-use pack of Sugru.

Step 2

Pinch off a small amount of Sugru, stick it onto the flat side of the wooden bead and flatten it out a little.

Step 3

Press the wooden bead onto the vase, ensuring it forms a strong bond.

Step 4

Repeat the same process with the other wooden beads to create a pattern. Step back a few times to check the spacing.

Pro tip:
Remember you have 30 minutes before the Sugru starts to set, giving you plenty of time to reposition and make perfect.

Step 5

When all the beads are in place, give the Sugru 12–24 hours to fully set.

Step 6

Once the Sugru has set, take your beaded vase outside, along with your semi-gloss spray paint.

Step 7

Place your creation-in-progress onto an old cardboard box and give it a couple of coats of paint.

Need we say any more? A picture paints a thousand words!

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