Adapt your tech to fit your life

Technology is supposed to be there to make our lives easier, enabling us to do more. But things that are mass produced can't be made with all of us in mind, so they don't always work the way we want them to.

Luckily the Sugru community are discovering new ways to adapt and improve their stuff every day. And the best part? They share their ideas so you can copy them!

So instead of adapting to fit your gadgets, grab some Sugru and show them who's boss!

Here are seven ways to turn those problems into weekend projects and make your tech work with you in mind!

Customise your laptop to fit your accessories

Laptops are a great invention, the thought of having your computer with you wherever you are is beautiful. But there are always those little extra bits and bobs we have to use that don't really have a home.

Mike let his mind think sideways and came up with a genius solution for this - Sugru laptop grips! Now he can pick everything up with one hand :)

Create storage in places you haven't thought of

Gary's son loves his Nintendo 2DS and carries it with him everywhere he goes. His two favourite games also go with him everywhere, but that comes with a problem - one is always without a home. It was always left on the table, down the side of the chair, or in pants heading for the wash!

So Gary grabbed his Sugru and made a handy frame to store the second cartridge on the back of the DS!

A genius way to tidy cables away

We have so many different accessories and added extras around our TV nowadays that it's easy for them to get a little out of control. We always want to sort them out, but just never get round to it.

With a pack of Sugru and a few hooks, you can sort it out in no time.

Put a stop to that annoying glare on your tablet screen

One of the most genius Lego uses we've seen

When Paul broke his arm and had to wear a cast he was gutted because he couldn't play games on his phone like he did before. He just did not have the strength to hold his phone. He didn't let that stop him though, he used the magic that is the combination of Sugru + Lego to create a seriously awesome solution.

He attached Lego to his cast and the back of his phone case using Sugru so that he could hold his phone with his left hand again!

Resist buying needless accessories

Tablets are great, they're perfect for catching up on our favourite shows or video calling family and friends almost anywhere. But sometimes they're just not quite loud enough! Ashley discovered that using some recycled plastic and a pack of Sugru you can make a really handy sound amplifier.

So simple, yet so genius!

Make your very own custom earbuds

There's no denying that in-ear headphones are brilliant, but they're not going to work their best unless they fit properly. When they fit better a lot more background noise is blocked out, the sound gets even better and they don't fall out!

Using Sugru you can make a neat cast of the inside of your ear, so you can say goodbye to headphones falling out at the most inconvenient times and hello to custom fit earbuds!

For more clever little ideas head over to our Gadgets & Tech page and if you're out shopping this weekend, you're never far from a Sugru stockist!

Don't forget to share your projects with us at [email protected] or tweet us a pic. It helps to inspire other Sugru-ers, also you could win loads of Sugru in our 'Fix of The Month' competition :)

Sugru had a peek inside Fruit Towers!

We just headed over to visit our friends at Innocent and we thought you might like a peek inside their awesome (and we mean seriously awesome) office! Vincent, a good Belfast boy, found Sugru and loved it, so he invited us along to hang out!

It's hard not to love these guys, they're always making us giggle on Twitter and making all those ridiculously tasty drinks :)

Last year we sent over a box of Sugru for their team to play with, and we got back enough fruity goodness to fill our entire fridge! (they lasted about 20mins!)

So we thought we would start the new year with a little trip across to the other side of London. It was awesome to meet some of their team and see what they'd all been up to with their Sugru. Vincent had our favourite idea, using his Sugru to re-attach his fancy golden bottle award for 'Best Newcomer Boy!' :)

And of course we couldn't resist a quick chat on the famous 'banana phone! Serious case of office envy!

Beat the January blues with these 8 money saving Sugru projects!

January is the most miserable month of the year... apparently (we're still not buying it!) Yes ok, we are all waiting for that much needed January pay check, but these long winter nights are a great excuse to get on with fun projects and beat those January blues!

Out of all of all our favourite money saving ideas that we see each week, here are some that just deserve to be copied!

Avoid expensive call outs or replacements and get fixing!

Sugru's durable properties mean it'll stay strong and securely bonded anywhere from the freezer to a steamy hot shower, so it's perfect for lots of fixes around the home.

1. Fix that leaky washing machine

Here's a popular fix amongst Sugru-ers. Why part with your money when you can get the satisfaction of fixing it yourself? Now that Sugru comes in both white and silver grey, you'll be able to match your machine.

2. Repair that rusty dishwasher

After years of service, your trusty dishwasher is going to start peeling and rusting. It's only a matter of time before they break and become unusable. Sugru is great for repairing that rusty rack as it is water resistant, dishwasher proof and makes little problems fun.

But this is just the beginning. With Sugru, when something breaks it's also a creative opportunity to make it better!

3. Add some character to your pot lids

There are always going to be those little unexpected accidents when things just decide to break, and it's always when you least expect it. With a pack of Sugru these moments turn into an opportunity to improve.

4. Add grip to your zip!

If a zip-pull falls out and gets lost, that can really ruin things. We can't have that! With just a small piece of Sugru and a paperclip, you can create a new one that's even better than the original in some cases.

5. Fix and improve your iPhone charger

Cables break a lot, we see it every single day. But rather than send them to landfill and have to buy a new one, improve the design so it won't ever break. Sugru is great for this as it's strong, flexible and electrically insulating (up to 24V.) Just ask Brenda!

Resist needless upgrades

It's easy to find your eyes tempted by gadgets when wandering around the shops or browsing online. Sugru lets you become a designer in your own home and you can make your stuff work the way you want it to.

6. Make your own bedside tablet stand!

Watching TV in bed is one of lifes little pleasures and a tablet is a great way to do it. Sugru-er Vikas hacked his anglepoise lamp into a DIY bedisde stand for his with some Sugru.

This idea doesn't have to stay in the bedroom, imagine how handy it could be to have this in the kitchen for your recipes!

7. Make your own selfie stick

You might have been lucky enough to get a GoPro for Christmas and you're now hunting for a selfie stick to capture all of your adventures you have planned for the year ahead. It's super easy to make your own selfie stick using Sugru and an old pipe or pole. You'll be capturing great shots in no time!

It's becoming quite a trend among Sugru-ers and they're being used to capture their adventures. Here's Barrie and his girlfriend using theirs in Sharm El Sheikh (not jealous or anything...)

8. Make your GoPro float

If you're planning on going on any underwater adventures this year then James and Holly have a great idea for you! These guys came up with a clever way to make your GoPro float using just a coke bottle and some Sugru!

They were even kind enough to make this video showing you the steps needed to create your own!

For more clever little ideas head over to our Home & DIY page and if you need to stock up on Sugru, you can find your nearest store!

Oh and don't forget to share your projects with us at [email protected] or tweet us a pic. It helps to inspire other Sugru-ers, plus you could win loads of Sugru in our 'Fix of The Month' competition :)

Announcing the most popular feel good Sugru projects!

So today is the most depressing day of the year... apparently! But we don't do depressing here at Sugru, so we thought we'd help bring a bit of colour to your "Blue Monday"!

Seeing as you guys cheer us up every single day with your ingenious home improvements and fixes, we thought we'd ask the Community to vote for their favourite feel good Sugru ideas.

... and the winner is

1. AWESOME Lego cable holders!!

Just let this one sink in a minute... Yes Sugru + LEGO minifigures are the perfect way to keep your cables organised! We can't say we're surprised this won - it seems like everyone's been doing this since Andreas discovered it back in May last year.

As Sugru bonds to most materials, you can attach your minifigs anywhere you want — at home, at your desk, in the car, or wherever you like — messy cables begone!

Here are just a few we've spotted from you all:

And we couldn't resist sharing all the other feel good projects with you! As it's Blue Monday, why not pass this on to someone to cheer them up. And if you have an idea you've spotted, tweet us with #bluemonday.

(Oh and now's a great time to top up your Sugru, we've got free shipping on all packs until 25th January)

2. Defy gravity with Sugru and magnets

For most of us, keeping things organised day-to-day is a chore. With our Sugru + magnets kit you can attach anything to anything! You'll get a great feeling of satisfaction every time you feel the snap of the magnet grabbing your keys.

3. Small improvements make a big difference

Not having enough space in the bathroom can be a real pain and we all want a little more room. But Chin came up with this clever idea to create some extra space around her sink for her soap! Small change, big difference :)

4. Turn 3 remotes into 1

It's just a matter of time until one of the remotes goes missing, again. This genius idea lets you keep them all together, all the time and you'll have everything you need at your fingertips!

5. Organise messy cupboards

At last, a good solution for pot lids! Handy Sugru hooks let you hold your pot lids in the cupboard door, making tiny cupboards a pleasure to use :)

6. Adapt your old charger to fit your new laptop

Adapting your tech never felt so good! With Sugru, rather than have your old charger go to waste, you can have a spare one instead. So whether you've left your charger at the office or are in a rush to find it, you'll have a feeling of relief when you remember your trusty spare :)

7. Make homemade gifts the easy way

Everyone loves to receive a gift that feels like it's had some thought put into it! With a little help from Sugru you can make your own unique gifts. You'll love the look on their face when they open it :)

8. Turn a SLAM into a satisfying BOMF!

James stayed in an awesome Airbnb in California that had lots of vintage touches. But one thing drove him mad --- the horrible sound of the door clashing with the brass nail that was being used as a door stop. With the help of a Sugru bumper you can bring a little peace and quiet to your home.

9. Adapt your home to suit your needs

Meet Stella! Her awesome Dad Myles adapted their home with Sugru so that she can live more independently. She can now even use her chairlift by herself :) You can't get much more feel good than this :D

10. Protect furniture from hot hair straighteners

Everyone uses them these days, and whether you have the top brand or a cheaper copy, they are all designed the same... badly! They get super hot and you can't put them down anywhere which just doesn't make sense. But with rubbery Sugru bumpers you can put them down for a few seconds if you need to!

11. Personalise and reinforce your headphone cables

With Sugru, when something breaks it's an opportunity to improve it. Like Ross and his Carrot headphones that we can't get enough of, they're just too awesome :)

12. Personalise your wellies

When Lizzie's wellies decided to wear out, she used Sugru to fix them and give them a bit of character too. So she can take on the wet weather with a smile.

(Looks like they're making friends already!)

13. Turn a toy sword into a toothbrush!

Everybody wants to clean their teeth when it means becoming a mighty pirate for a few minutes. Scurvy isn't going to know what hit it!

14. Create your own one-of-a-kind door stops for your home

Who said practical can't be pretty? With Sugru you can turn something you love into something you use. It's super easy to turn almost anything you like into a doorstop.

Sugru makes fixing and improving things easy and fun — so it's great for all your weekend projects. Share this with someone you know to cheer them up in case they're feeling a little down in the dumps! Oh and if you need to stock up your Sugru, we're offering free shipping until Sunday 25th January!

Projects to make your day better!

We learn to ignore the little annoyances in every day life, sometimes we even forget that there's a solution. We all do it.

Be on the lookout for those little things in your daily routine that you would like to improve or put a stop to. Then grab your Sugru and put a few hours aside this weekend to get working on some projects.

Here's some ideas to get you thinking!

1. Get the day off to a good start

They say you should start the day as you mean to go on. Getting your day off to a good start from the moment you wake up will help the rest of your day flow smoothly. Getting out of bed is a struggle for most of us. For some it's the stress of the loud alarm clock with the ridiculously hard to press button or perhaps your clock slides off the bedside table when you hit snooze. Or are you one like many who press aimlessly on their phone screen when it goes off in the morning because the phone is laying flat - you think you hit snooze, but you actually turned it off (and no one likes to be late for work!)

Sugru lets you adapt things to work better for you and turns little problems into projects.

2. Give things rubber feet

Nothing quite beats a nice hot warm cuppa this time of year, but glass and porcelain cups are fragile. With rubbery Sugru feet you can put an end to that nasty clattering and scraping sound, and hello to a satisfying BOMF each time you put it down!

It's this easy:

3. Protect your shower door

Sugru-er James' shower door used to bang off the side of the sink all the time making a loud noise, scaring him into thinking that one day an inevitable crack would finally happen. By adding a Sugru bumper, the door can now safely bounce! That's one less thing to worry about in the morning!

Sugru has excellent dampening properties, so it's great for making protective bumpers on almost anything. Plus it's removable, so you can take it off if you ever want to.

4. If it breaks, improve it!

With Sugru, when something breaks it can open doors to new improvements that you hadn't thought of before. Shahzad was always having to reseal his leaking taps with grout (fun!) So he grabbed his Sugru and not only fixed it, but improved it!

5. Finally, a home for your keys!

Nothing's worse than not being able to find your keys when you leave the house. With Sugru you can stick magnets to a surface of your choice like Jack did! This idea will give you a feeling of satisfaction :)

Once you attach something using the magnets from our Sugru + Magnet kit, you'll never want to go back.

6. Battling draughts has never been more awesome!

Why not have some fun with your improvements! Rumina's husband made this genius draught excluder using a Lego minifig and some Sugru! "What could be better than going to the front door to find a pizza delivery guy there every time?!"

Sugru + Lego are best friends. Combine them and watch the magic happen!

7. Turn 3 remotes into 1

It's just a matter of time until one of the remotes goes missing again. But what if you could keep them all together, all the time? Turn 3 remotes into 1: Find one find them all!

This idea is super easy to do and it's so simple. Think of the satisfaction you'll get when you collapse at the end of a long day and your remotes are there at your fingertips!

It's a new year, so it's the perfect time to get things done. What are you going to sort out in 2015?

For more clever little ideas head over to our Home & DIY page and if you need to stock up on Sugru, you can find your nearest store here!

Oh and don't forget to share your projects with us at [email protected] or tweet us a pic. It helps to inspire other Sugru-ers, plus you could win loads of Sugru in our 'Fix of The Month' competition :)

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