Sugru has just gone Supersonic!

Meet Dr Russ Strand, a.k.a Rocket Russ, the amateur rocketry enthusiast that just took Sugru (and Sindy) supersonic!

James May's Toy Stories is a programme out to prove why traditional, old fashioned toys are still relevant today, pushing them to the limit in spectacular, supersize challenges. For the Christmas special, Action Man at the Speed of Sound, they wanted to achieve something that no other toy had ever managed... to break the sound barrier and return safely to the earth!

So they called Russ to help... and it turns out Russ is a Sugru-er :)

Russ ended up going head-to-head with James May and Action Man in the show's final act, building a rival supersonic rocket attempt, using a Sindy doll! If you're in the UK you can watch the programme on iPlayer to find out what happened, if not check out some of the highlights.

One of the main requirements was to include a camera on the exterior of the rocket to capture a rocket-eye view of the launch for the show. To attach the camera, Russ needed something that could be moulded into an aerodynamic shape around the camera, maintaining it's rigidity under temperature and force while bonding well to the side of the rocket — Russ figured this was a job for Sugru!

He used 20g of black Sugru to create an aerodynamic strong, vibration free housing for a Mobius HD camera! And just look at the results he captured on the way up!

The rocket was launched a few miles South East of Largs on the west coast of Scotland and reached an altitude of 2.8 miles above mean sea level in just 28 seconds, achieving a top speed of 778 mph in 4.2 seconds — faster than the speed of sound, or supersonic!

...or as we like to say Sugrusonic ;)

Russ ended up going head-to-head with James May and Action Man in the show's final act, building the rival supersonic rocket attempt, using a Sindy doll! :) If you're in the UK you can watch it on iPlayer, if not check out the highlights here.

More about Rocket Russ

Russ has built and launched rockets from supersonic to super-sized for a wide variety of projects, including features for major TV programs in the UK and Europe. He has given numerous Rocketry talks for Schools, Universities, Professional Institutions and Businesses and he is also the current Chair of the United Kingdom Rocketry Association (UKRA).

To find out what he's up to next follow him @RussTheRktMan on Twitter or head over to his website.

#24 Make things together over the holidays!

The best things about holidays is all the extra time you get — perfect for planning lots of fun projects to do together!

These gorgeous stone owls are so cute and they are great for getting everyone involved to make their own. Have fun together coming up with all your different characters — we've created a Pinterest board with loads of awesome character ideas to give you some ideas :)

Once you've created your characters, with a little help from Sugru you can mount them all on the wall at home using D-hooks (these are normally used for hanging pictures with screws, you can find them at your local hardware store).

Step 1 — Gather together some nice smooth stones to use (go for lots of different shapes and sizes!)

Step 2 — Start imagining all the little characters that can make — we used marker pens, but you can get crafty and use all sorts of different materials to create your design.

Step 3 — Use Sugru to attach a D-Hook to the back of the stone and leave to cure.

24 hours later your awesome creations will be ready to take pride of place at home. They look great on the wall and are a lovely reminder of the fun you had creating them together.

Sugru makes this project nice and easy because it's mouldable and fills weird gaps, so it doesn't matter what shape your stone is. It sticks to most materials including stone and forms a strong bond for as long as you want it. Plus Sugru is removable, so you can take it off again if you ever decide you want to.

And don't stop there, we're just getting started! Sugru and D-hooks can help make loads of things hangable and help keep things right where you want need around your home — like this genius idea idea to tidy away TV cables and accessories.

Head over to our Craft & Making section for loads more project ideas.

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Sugru is now in stores right across the USA!

EXCITING NEWS EVERYONE — Sugru is now available in thousands of new stores right across the USA — from New York to San Diego and everywhere in between!

Last month, Sugru launched in almost 2,000 RadioShack stores across the USA. This month, we are thrilled to let you know that Sugru is beginning to roll out to almost 2,000 Lowe's Home Improvement stores as well (you will find Sugru on the paint counter).

This is a really HUGE moment for us in the Sugru journey and we're all getting super excited about what 2015 will bring!

Here's Karim, Francis and Pawel from the team loading up the van with our biggest ever shipment of Sugru last month (actually that's only one third of it!). Our awesome production team have outdone themselves, working flat out around the clock to get everything ready in time for launch — high 5's all round! :D

So remember, you can now get your Sugru on the same day — just check our growing Stockist Map to find your nearest store!

Keep a look out and tweet us a photo if you spot Sugru on the shelves! :)

#23 Sugru Bumpers... with a twist!

Smartphones have changed our lives and our trusty little friend goes everywhere with us, especially when we're on the move. The problem is smartphones don't like being dropped and little accidents can get expensive. To stop ourselves worrying we end up covering them in bulky protective cases and never get to really appreciate the gadget inside.

But dropping your phone doesn't have to spell disaster, with bouncy Sugru bumpers you can relax.

You may have seen this idea from us before (it's one of our favourites), but we've given this classic a new twist — ahem! With two single use packs of Sugru, in your favourite colours, you have enough to make twisty bumpers to protect two phones.

Step 1 — Take a small piece of Sugru and roll it into a thin Sugru snake, about the width of your hand — repeat this step with your second piece of Sugru.

Step 2 — Twist the two Sugru snakes around each other

Step 3 — Coil the combined piece around the corner of your phone, pressing the Sugru on with your fingers to ensure a strong bond - make sure the corners are completely covered with the Sugru.

Repeat these steps to make the other three bumpers. So the Sugru doesn't come into contact with any surfaces, leave your phone on a jam jar overnight.

24 hours later the Sugru will have turned into lovely rubbery protective bumpers, leaving you to enjoy your phone without the worry.

Sugru is hand-mouldable so it's easy to shape, and it sticks to most materials so it will form a strong bond for as long as you want it. It has excellent dampening properties, so it's perfect for making protective bumpers on almost anything. Plus it's removable, so you can take it off if you ever want to.

And this is just the beginning, once you start Sugru-ing gadgets it's easy to get carried away. You'll find you'll want to make your gadgets work the way you want them to work, you become a product designer in your own home. Head over to our tech and gadget section for loads more awesome protect ideas.

New Stockists! Sugru is now available in RadioShack stores across the USA and Maplins across the UK!

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#22 Design your own finishing touches this Christmas

It's important to create the right atmosphere and get your home feeling festive over the holidays — the little finishing touches can really make things feel special. With a little help from Sugru, you can design your own unique pieces and turn them into fun projects to make yourself over the holidays.

Just like this lovely stone and copper candle holder, that will add a nice touch to your Christmas table.

For this project you will need:

- a length of 22mm diameter copper pipe (3/4'') - perfect fit for candles!
- a copper end cap
- two single use packs of Sugru - choose the colour you want
- a nice looking stone
- and a candle

Copper and Stone look great together and with Sugru it's easy to combine them in interesting ways, and bring a little festive glow to your home.

Step 1 — Use one pack of Sugru to create feet on the bottom of the stone

Step 2 — Level the stone so the Sugru flattens into level feet and leave for 24 hours.

Tip: rub a soapy water on the table surface when leveling the feet to stop the Sugru sticking.

24 hours later the Sugru will be cured into lovely rubbery feet.

Step 3 — Attach the copper cap to the top of the stone and insert the copper pipe - make sure it's straight! Smooth the Sugru around the edges of the cap with your finger. Leave to cure to 24 hours.

Tip: rub the copper with a very fine wool to make it smooth and bright - it makes a big difference and you could spray it with clear lacquer to keep it that way.

Sugru is hand-mouldable so it's easy to shape, and it bonds to most materials so you can stick different materials together like metal and stone. Sugru cures into a grippy, flexible silicone rubber and has excellent dampening properties, so it's great for making rubber feet on things. Plus it's removable, so you can take it off if you ever want to.

Head over to our Craft & Making section for loads more projects you can make over the holidays, like this awesome clock using Sugru + twigs or these gorgeous stained glass decorations.

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