sugru build night - win a DSLR camera and full Autodesk design suite!

We're super excited to announce that we are partnering with our friends at Instructables again this year to bring you The September 2014 sugru Build Night — a global competition for makespaces, hackspaces and fab labs from right around the world to compete and discover new and amazing ways to use sugru in projects. 

The Prize! 

This year we have two amazing prizes. The space that submits the Instructable with the most unique and creative use of sugru will win a Nikon DSLR camera AND a full copy of Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate for their local space (worth $10,000!) — yep we're serious!

How do you enter?

Sign up your space at Instructables here to receive 8 free packs of sugru to use at your build night (that's 64 lovely minipacks). Then post at least 3 instructables using sugru - remember we are looking for projects that showcase unique and creative uses for sugru. 

But you'd better hurry the deadline to sign up is Monday 28 July 2014 and there are only 125 spaces available! 

Last year we had over 100 spaces take part (from 5 continents!) Here are 10 of our favourite sugru build night projects from last year

Best of luck to everyone who enters! We can't wait to see all your ideas :)  

7 ways sugru can refresh and improve well worn products

Nothing stays new forever, so that 'new feeling' will eventually fade, but wear and tear is an inevitable part of putting things to good use. It can sometimes even add to it's desirability, like pieces of furniture.

But it can be frustrating when important lettering or symbols fade on products that are otherwise working perfectly. Small flaws like this can make things frustrating and difficult to use — now who needs that? 

As sugru bonds to most materials and is three-dimensional, it can be used to fill weird gaps! (see where we're going with this one?) Yep, sugru-ers have discovered another clever little solution — here are 7 ways we've spotted people refreshing, personalising and improving their things with sugru.

1. Refresh the lettering on your cooker

"My Viking stove had seen its better years. I inherited the stove with much of the lettering missing, and it always pained me to see it faded. But sugru allowed me to revive the stove so it looks brand new!"

This idea from Deborah was one of the first times we saw anyone use this technique. She also created a step-by-step guide which has since inspired others to copy and do the same.

2. Refresh a worn out name plate

Juan from team sugru got inspired and used the same technique to refresh the sign at his building in London. (He even added the missing piece to hold the sign in place.)

"The sign outside was looking a bit sad after years of sun and rain (more of the latter, because London!) so I decided to give it some TLC." 

3. Make a keyboard more user friendly

John got this beautiful bamboo keyboard as a gift, but unfortunately the letters on the keys are only embossed, not marked with ink or paint.

"This makes them practically invisible in certain lighting conditions. So I used black sugru (a pea-sized glob of sugru covered the entire keyboard!) and pressed it into the indentations on the keys and used Q-tips to wipe the excess away. I love my new wooden keyboard--now it's PERFECT!"

4. Make engraved characters stand out

"I had my name and number engraved on my VERY expensive prescription sunnies. I rubbed in yellow sugru to make it stand out to the finder."  — Michael from Perth, Australia.

5. Improve the lettering on a Leatherman multi-tool

"I like the look of my Leatherman and I don't think it should be messed with too much. However, I've filled the engraved logo on the beltclip with red sugru to make it a bit more personal and unique." — Henning, Norway.

6. Personalise your laptop chargers

James and his girlfriend needed a quick way to distinguish between their different wattage macbook chargers. 

"Instead of reaching for a sharpie, we reached for the sugru! Inspired by the cooker hob refreshing from another sugru-er, we thought we'd fill in the Apple indent with some sugru, smooth it over and let it set! They look great."

If you're looking for more gadget ideas take a look at our 14 apple life hacks.

7. Replace the lettering on a car numberplate  

"My old VW golf failed its last MOT because of that lovely, but broken, old school 3D numberplate. So I fixed it with sugru and... voila!"

Check out our 7 ways sugru loves vintage cars for more sugru inspiration.

16 ways to use sugru on your boat

sugru can help you prepare for your next adventure on the high seas and it's a super useful addition to your emergency repair kit for when you're away from shore! We've gathered 16 of our favourite sugru uses shared with us by sailors from around the world.

Take a look to discover how sugru can help you repair, adapt and improve their aquatic vessels of choice.

1. Stop a mainsail from slipping on a racing yacht

Jamie from the Isle of Wight has used sugru on his fleet of Mermaids — 26ft match classic racing yachts. He used it to prevent one of the mainsails from slipping down into the track beyond a slot which often makes lowering the main quite difficult.

"Without something like sugru in the track at this point it can be a worry pulling the sail down. Effectively sugru has fixed the problem of us being unable to turn the "engine" off in a craft which doesn't have breaks!"

2. Seal cable entries on the mast of a sailing catamaran 

"I love my packets of sugru! Among the many uses I am finding for them on my sailing catamaran, Solstice, is to plug up holes and seal cable entries on my mast while doing a major refit in West Palm Beach, Florida….when we are finished my sugru adorned mast will be sailing in the beautiful Exuma Cays in The Bahamas!"

3. Make sharp edges safe

(left) Bruce and Robin from Washington used sugru to cover sharp edges on the copper splash guard.  "One packet of sugru softened the edges and made nice lines. No sheet metal cuts in future." 

(right) Eric used sugru to cover the sharp corners of a cabin heater on his sailboat. No more snagging clothing or cutting himself as he passes by. (more from Eric below!)

4. Fix any zip!

Have a jacket or bag that needs mending? sugru is a simple solution to this everyday problem. Watch the video to find out how easy it is!

5. Repair sailing boat shoes

Matteo from Italy had a tear in his winter sailing boat shoes . "I use these shoes a lot because I race throughout the winter, even when the temperature is as low as -5 °C!" — brrrr :)

Using sugru, Matteo reconnected the two torn edges with the shoe's tongue, so they provided his feet with the much needed thermal protection he needs!

6. Fix an antenna

The plastic fixing on Kim's antenna had broken. So he repaired the broken pieces and kept the antenna fixed in place using sugru. Now it's back up in place on top of the mast on his sailing boat!

Watch James (the sugru guru) explain what sugru can do in under 90 seconds (including repairing tears in waterproof jackets!)

7. Patch holes in a boat fender

Jon from Norway uses his boat a lot and during the season he uses fenders to protect the boat against sharp rocks.

"The fenders tend to get damaged during the season and are quite expensive to replace. sugru let me fix small holes, and we saved money (and the environment) since we don't need to discard a fender if it leaks." 

Out of season, Jon finds another use for them as parking protectors for his car.

8. Make your mugs sailboat safe!

Mick added three small feet to his mug so it wouldn't keep sliding around on the table in his sailboat.

9. Stop gas canisters from rattling 

"The gas bottles in my boat rattle and wear into the fibreglass and because they sit in puddles of salt water, they rust. The answer: three little sugru pads under each bottle!" — Rollo, Dorset UK

Pssst here are 22 other ways to make life more peaceful with sugru

10. Create a DIY running light 

Here's a unique and resourceful idea from Darrell in USA. 

"I created a running light for my boat. I used the sugru, a Corona bottle and two caps from plastic bottles. One was a cap from a soda bottle and the other was from a bottle of Malibu rum!"

11. Attach anything to anything with sugru + magnets!

Magnets are flippin' awesome and we've heard they can be super useful keeping things organised and safe on board a boat. With our  sugru + magnets kit you really can attach anything... to anything! 

Take a look at this video and just think of the possibilities...

And then there's Eric...

Eric Taylor entered a  MacGyver competition over at Lifehacker and shared some brilliant sugru ideas from his own boat. The ideas were so good that we thought they deserved their own little section :) 

12. Create a varnish repair kit

Here Eric used a small paintbrush, a baby food jar and sugru to make himself a DIY varnish repair kit for those quick touch-ups to his sailboat — what a brilliant idea.

13. Repair a missing switch

The old switch on Eric's outboard mount was missing a cover, leaving nothing but a bare stub of metal poking out. So he fashioned a new handle from sugru. "It not only works great but the bright colour and texture also make the handle easier to find in the dark."

14. Fix cracks in metal 

Another great idea from Eric, fixing a small crack in the bronze cap of the water tank deck fill on his sailboat.  

"It works better than epoxy because it's more flexible and will expand and contract with changing temperatures in the metal."

15. Make an engraved sign easier to read

This old sign was difficult to read before Eric filled in the letters with some brightly coloured sugru. (We've spotted this clever technique being used to  refresh worn off lettering on a cooker!)

16. Silence a swinging lantern

When tackling the waves, Eric's swinging lantern would knock against the wood trim on his boat, making a lot of noise and scarring the trim. So he created a sugru bumper for the base to keep the lantern quiet and protect the wood from its metal edges. 

sugru really loves being outdoors — everyday people are discovering clever new ways to repair, improve and adapt their kit with sugru. From improving their camping and hiking equipment, to adapting their bikes, even hacking camera equipment to trek across the desert! sugru is also trusted by a host of exciting adventurers and sporting champions!

For loads more ideas for using sugru outdoors, head over to our Outdoors & Sport section.  

How do Mermaids keep their tails in shape? With sugru of course!

There are some fixes that speak to what we all have in common - phone cords, shoes and fridges for example. Then sometimes a story comes through that blows that out of the water, and shows just how different we all are!

Rachel first got in touch a few weeks ago, with an unusual support request. She was a mermaid, she explained. Not from the South Seas, but from the Dive Bar in Sacremento. The mermaids tails all had a habit of splitting in the middle, could sugru help? Why yes we said! And what's more Katie (our awesome head of sales) was going to be in Sacremento with our latest stockist Orchard Supply Hardware that very week!

With a little technical support, several of the mermaids are now sugru-ers! But maybe mermaids aren't the rare species we thought - a few weeks later Marla from Canada got in touch with a similar fin issue!

Meet the engineers who made the sugru gatling water pistol

We've been having fun the last few weeks (a slight understatement). It all started with the thought... with all this sugru, and all these amazing people, could we design the coolest water pistol ever? Well we love a challenge here at sugru, so we set to work. Within just a couple of weeks it was finished and we filmed a fun video testing it out on some 'volunteers'.

The video has gone on to be watched by one or two people (well, 1.4 million views and counting!!). So we've interviewed the brains behind the idea, pulled together some unseen footage to give you all a peek behind the curtains of the project and meet the engineers who brought it to life. 

Read the full story of the sugru rainbow gatling water pistol here


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