3 unique projects from Shake The Future

We have stumbled across the awesome YouTube user called Shake The Future (aka Denny)! He makes video tutorials on lifehacks and clever DIY ideas.

He has come up with some super clever and ermm let's say unique ideas using sugru! 

1. Make a vibrating alarm clock on your wrist!

2. Create a secret place to hide things... in a jar of mayonnaise!

3. Tidy up your toaster cable with sugru

Check out Shake the Future YouTube channel for loads more DIY inspiration. 

And if you like these, take a look at 15 inventions prototyped using sugru!

Dive Bar mermaids love sugru!

So last month we were surprised by an unusual request from some mermaids at the Dive Bar — an insanely cool bar with live mermaids in Sacramento, California!

The mermaids had a problem that they thought sugru might be able to fix.

"Our tails take a really intense beating and the salt water isn't too gentle on the silicone outfit either".

So we worked with them to find a fix for their splitting tails. After a bit of technical support we've converted several of the mermaids into sugru-ers!

Check out the awesome video that Rachel, one of the mermaids, has made and see them in action!

"Without our tails we're just a bunch of girls rolling around in a fish tank. sugru was the answer".

10 of the strangest sugru pet stories we've seen

Pets really do bring out the lighter side of life. OK so it's not that amusing the first time your dog chews your favourite shoes, or the cat shreds your duvet. But you quickly learn to live with their eccentric ways and just see the funny side. 

So we thought we'd pick some of the stranger pet stories we've been sent. 

Welcome to the wacky world of sugru pet stories!


1. Fix a doggy water pool   

A little hole in the plastic meant Charlie's doggie pool was leaking! Luckily Lisa is a sugru-er and patched that thing right up, phew! Now Charlie can get back to doing what he does best... sunbathing and photobombs.

2. Attach a squeaker to a dog lead   

"If my dog discovers something to hunt his instincts overwhelm him and he just runs off! But if there's one thing to get him back it's the sound of squeaky toys!

Dave came up with a super smart idea by attaching the squeaker from an old chewed up toy to his lead! Now he always has it within reach for when, you know... FENTON!!

3. Repair the latest thing they've chewed up 

Meet Buddy the sugru office dog. Jane has only just bought him his third collar in two months and yep, he's done it again. But with that little face it's impossible to get angry :) 

This time Jane managed to rescue the collar in time to do a little sugru repair.

4. Create custom shades for your dog!!?

Serious case of dog swag here! Glen's friend likes to carry her best friend around in her shoulder bag, they even take scooter rides together! 

But his little eyes are far too sensitive for the sun and wind, so Glen helped create these funky doggy sunglasses using sugru!  


5. Hack a chair for a 3 legged cat 

Meet 'Gretel Clementine Badcrumble Katze' (best cat name ever?). She loves to sit and watch the world go by from her front window seat at home in Washington. The thing is she needs this little stool to help get up and down from her perch, without putting too much weight on her only front leg (t'aww!) 

Her owners Ingrid and Dante tried to help using this stool, but it slid around too much. So they used sugru to create non-slip grips on the feet. Now Gretel can happily reach her favourite spot.   

6. Make a super high tech cat toy

sugru user Davin wanted to do more than just dangle a bit of string to entertain his cats. So he created this seriously high tech toy to keep them busy! 

"Each laser sits on a sculpted sugru cradle that I was able sew onto the glove fingertips. After soldering all the leads, I shrank wrapped them to prevent shorts, but that looked ugly, so I used more sugru to pull it all together, and keep the fabric wire covering from slipping away from the centre".


7. Keep track of your wandering tortoises

Meet Walnut and Nick! They belong to Lou from Oxford and we just love them! 

"I was constantly losing them in the garden so I bought them some GPS trackers. The problem was how to fix them to the tortoises. I didn't want to glue them as I was worried it would damage their shells. So I tried making webbing harnesses secured with Velcro but they kept walking off and leaving them behind!"

Lou carefully wrapped up the tortoises in cling film after dark when they were still and then modelled the sugru around them. She can now tuck the boys up safe in their boxes at night and not worry where they are!

This story from Lou just keeps getting better! She has now  upgraded the harnesses and taken them from functional to funky! 


8. Repair your steering wheel!   

Alex sent us two photos and one sentence.

"Our parrot ate the steering wheel - now repaired with sugru!"  — Nuff said... but so many unanswered questions!

Guinea Pigs 

9. Build hurdles for a guinea-pig grand national, of course!

Richard's daughter Amelie had watched a dog training event and wanted to do something similar with her guinea pig Snowy!

"The jumps were made using sewing bobbins as a base, a piece of doweling, and then small pieces of sugru were added for the coloured straws to rest on....Snowy jumped the first one, but fell at Beachers!"

And the winner has to be...

10. Help a chicken walk again!!

So you're probably thinking 'why is there a photo of a chicken with a yellow sugru foot on my screen?' Yep that was our reaction when we got the email! Here's Jane to explain...

"Snowy then Hen was attacked by a fox and lost most of her right leg. She managed to live on without it, and even continued to lay an egg everyday! But Snowy found walking difficult and slow.

My dad, being an engineer, couldn't help but come up with a solution and made a prosthetic leg out of fiberglass, which he fit the shape of her remaining leg. It wasn't perfect but definitely improved Snowy's walking. A week or so later, I spotted some left over yellow sugru and couldn't stop myself from making a little chicken foot to stick on the end of the prosthetic leg. (OK it's questionable that the sugru foot actually makes the prosthetic any better!). But thought you might enjoy a photo of your fantastic product put to good use!"

Err... well that's a first! :) Jane and engineer dad with the heart of gold, we salute your thinking. 

Rock on Snowy!

Fixing a 40 year old portable 8 track with sugru!

With the speed that technology is evolving it can sometimes feel like we don't hold on to things for more than a few years, before we are eventually convinced to upgrade and buy a sleeker, lighter, newer version.

Well here's a nice antidote to all that. We just spotted this awesome repair project by Techmoan on Youtube who has used sugru to help repair his classic 1975 Panasonic 8-track player!  

It was advertised as 'broken' so he bought it as a little fix-up project, not surprising considering it's nearly 40 years old! We just found the advert from back in the day! Still looks pretty awesome though and gives us a little peek back to a world before the iPod.

It actually turned out that it worked fine, but just needing a few little repairs and improvements! Like all good makers, he decided to open it up to take a look inside (awesome!). Then he cleaned the mechanisms inside and installed a new little speaker to improve the sound. 

But one little problem remained, the batteries were rattling and coming loose. So he replaced the sponge to stop the batteries rattling around, and grabbed a pack of sugru to rebuild the piece that had snapped off the battery cover. 

If you're like us, you'll want to watch the video to watch the repair process and hear it player action! 

And don't forget to check out loads of other cool projects on the Techmoan YouTube channel.

Loving the advert from back in the day! 

15 unique sugru jewellery projects

Seeing people discover new ways to use sugru always gets us excited and some of the most creative ideas come from jewellery makers. The handmade jewellery scene has really found it's home online in the last few years, with sites like Instructables, Cut Out + KeepZibbet and Yokaboo and of course Pinterest are helping people share, inspire and sell their creations.

sugru is great for jewellery projects as it bonds to most materials, and unlike glues and epoxy it's easy for anyone to form by hand. It will bond almost any materials together and can help fill weird gaps that glues can't. You can even mix up sugru packs to make new colours to find just the shade you want! 

Take a look at these amazing ideas from sugru-ers around the world, who are finding new ways to use sugru in their creations!

1. Make contemporary jewellery

Maria uses sugru as both a decorative tool and a way of making her jewellery. These pieces have been made using cross sections of old vines, with bright red sugru in the cracks, making some really fascinating effects — beautiful!

Check out Jane's post about  Maria's contemporary jewellery.

2. Steampunk crafting

Lily used sugru to make some incredible authentic jewellery to accompany her outfit for a steampunk wedding she was attending! She made her steampunk brown shade from 60% yellow, 30% red and 10% black sugru. 

3. Make seashell pendants

Jennifer used sugru as a tidy adhesive instead of the usual glues that have proved messy for this use. She has now made some beautiful pendants in what is now a tidy and simple process! She also used sugru to strengthen edges by smoothing some along them.

4. Use old bike parts to make jewellery!

Katie Wallace has a mission: "to re-purpose used stuff to create bespoke products. The vision is to save all bicycle waste from landfill (whoa!)."

Katie takes bits of bike chains that would end up as scrap and turns them into lovely pieces of jewellery like the one above! What is best about Katie's resourcefulness is that not only is she recycling, but she is using lots of different kinds of metals that could often not even be recycled...

If you love being resourceful then you will enjoy  Katie's Bike!

If you are unsure about colour mixing with sugru then check out our colour chart on our 8 things you need to know as a sugru-er!  

4. Combining Sculpey + sugru

Heather sculpts jewellery out of Sculpey and way struggling to find a way of making the ring without the bottom tentacles breaking. sugru was the perfect solution as she was able to mix a colour that she liked to sculpt the tentacles directly onto her piece! 

5. Make unique coin cufflinks

sugru-er Jasper made some incredible creative cufflinks using some sugru and two five pence pieces.

He's even written a step-by-step guide to help you create your own unique cufflinks

6. Attach jewellery fastenings without the fuss

Kellee is an illustrator and painter who makes beautiful wearable objects out of her creations. 

"I found that I only needed a tiny bit of sugru to cover the fixing. I tested it on one of my brooches and left it overnight to cure. I thought about it a lot... I think I may have even dreamt about it!"

Find out how she's used sugru to attach jewellery fastenings neater than glue

7. Make multicoloured sugru beads

Antenne was experimenting mixing up her sugru packs and discovered she could create her own colours!

"The best things happen by accident!"

She used a knitting needle to make little holes and then threaded them up on a necklace to let them cure, and by morning... voila beads!

8. Make awesome ear tapers!

Creative sugru-er Fay made some amazing 6mm ear tapers, making some seriously cool effects with different colours! 

Remember cured sugru lasts and lasts and is incredibly durable, so for the small cost of a pack of sugru these tapers are a fun and creative way of making a long lasting product!

9. Personalise a plain ring with a gemstone

Rebecca used a pack of sugru she received for Christmas to add a gemstone to her ring. 

"It holds a stone and sticks to silver....bonus!"

This is a great way of creatively using any left over sugru you may have. 

PRO TIP: If you keep sugru in the fridge, you can triple the number of months you have left!

10. Make a unique charm

Juliette made an charm based upon a Pokemon alphabet, making the letter J as her initial! Juliette used black and white sugru and wrapped it around a bent paper clip to hang it from a necklace chain.

If animation is your thing, then you're going to love  the adventures of Morph Jr

11. Make a sugru bracelet 

Puja used sugru to make a monochrome custom accessory, but this could be made using a variety of colours. 

Check out her post on  how to make an awesome contrast bracelet

sugru isn't just a tool for fixing, it is also a popular tool for craft-making. Check out the ' craft & making' page to see lots of other ways sugru can be used creatively! 

13. Customise your storage box for your jewellery! 

Liz likes being innovative and she is particularly crafty when it comes to hacks! She had a plain wooden box that was given to her previously which she stores her jewellery in. She found that her necklaces and bracelets tend to get tangled up, so she used some screws and some sugru to change this!

"Overall this was a fix that was rather organic in it's making rather than a fully planned out endeavour from the start".

She started off by using only screws, however she found them to be rather garish and the screws did not quite stick out far enough. This is where sugru came in handy as she used it to elongate the pegs she was making and create a better surface for the jewellery to hang from. 

14. Make beautiful travel jewellery!

This sugru-er loves to turn objects found on her travels into jewellery, so much so that she is adding sugru to her mix of tools that she takes along on her next trip.  She has made two pendant fossils from Robin Hood Bay on the North Yorkshire Coast of England and a pendant made from a stone from Yasothon in Thailand. 

"Twenty-four hours later, I was wearing my locally sourced, one-of-a-kind necklace into the Jewellery Exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum - I felt right at home!"

15. Craft a pair of fancy-dress earrings

If bold jewellery isn't to your taste sugru might still come in handy when it comes to fancy-dress, particularly at Halloween like sugru-er Jules has! 

"I made a great Halloween accessory by putting lizard taxidermy eyes onto sugru balls that were mounted on earring posts, then sculpted sugru eyelids on them. For "regular" earrings, making a bit of sugru around the base hides the glue-line as well as being decorative. I love this stuff!"

If you're looking for more inspiration, head over to our Craft & Making section from other ideas from the sugru community or check out 20 ways sugru can improve your crafting kit.

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