Making 100 mini sugru sculptures called 'netsukemon'

Yesterday was the 100th day of 2014. Yesterday was also the day we discovered Russell Davies' amazing collection of 'netsukemon'! 

Russell was inspired by netsuke, the ancient 17th Japanese miniature sculptures, and his son's pokemon toys and cards!

"I've been making one a day since the first of January, it's quick and very satisfying."

"To make them seem more like art I've been putting them in a glass cabinet!" 

It's amazing how different they each look, so full of character! 

(Looks like googly eyes are becoming a bit of a trend across the web recently)

Aside from inventing these awesome little creations, Russell is a Creative Director at UK Government Digital Service, and a founder of Newspaper Club. He is also no stranger to 100 day projects, having last year finished '100 days of drawing project' - a collection of lovely observational drawings that capture little snippets of his day to day. Check out the full series over on his Flickr.

Russell has been a sugru-er from day 1, and has previously experimented with making figures with cast pewter and sugru - Wow!

Make sure to take a look at Russell's blog and you can follow him on twitter @undermanager.

Exciting News... new product in development

We don't know how she kept it so quiet, but for the last few months long after the sugru team have headed home for the day, Jane has been secretly working on something in the sugru lab! After countless hours of mixing, testing, studying and experimenting she couldn't resist telling us... 

Today ladies and gentlemen, we introduce... Invisible sugru 

Let us explain... from the very start we believed making sugru in bright primary colours would encourage people to take pride in their fixes — we were wrong.

We thought that colourful sugru could help reenergise a forgotten culture that celebrated fixing and making things — again, we were wrong. 

So we decided that today was the perfect time to release our new beta invisible sugru to the world!

— No longer will we showcase the failure of multi-national product brands.

— No longer will you need to inspire others with your fixes and creations.

With new invisible sugru, products can remain generic, characterless and looking perfect forever!

Note: We'd also like to quell the rumours that we may have somehow copied or even stolen this technology from Hogwarts — this is proprietary sugru technology. No Demiguises were harmed in the development of Invisible sugru.  


sugru + magnets + Hackney Laces women's football team

In 2011 Katee Hui (yes 2 ee's!) founded  Hackney Laces — a community football club near to sugru HQ in East London. It gives girls aged 12 to 17 a chance to play football and learn new skills, on and off the pitch.  The club has now grown to over 80 girls and is run by Emma, Jenny, Jess, Katee , Keisha, Lottie and Sarah. All female. All footballers — all awesome!

The team have been on a mission to find an easier way to attach the football nets each weekend for their games — that is until Katee found the perfect solution, using sugru + magnets! Over to Katee to explain...

These are the rather awkward clips that I used previously to attached the net to itself around the bars.

Necessity is the mother of invention and with a little help from sugru, I have solved my stress. These little sugru pouches full of fixing magic are now being sold in packs with magnets. It’s the perfect combo for hacking things better - like nets!

To ensure my hack would work, I made a little model of the goal using the magnets on the fridge, so I knew how many I’d need.

Then I began moulding and attaching and patiently waiting the 24 hours needed for it to dry. The next day, just like magic I tested the nets on the shower rod in the bathroom. Sure enough, the hack held and I will now have 2 extras hours every weekend. I’m also going to feel incredibly smug like I’ve won something!

We just love all the different of ideas you keep sharing with us — this is one of the best sugru + magnets projects we've seen so far!

Katee was recognised at the British Volunteer Awards in 2012, and last year was interviewed on the news about the club's success! — way to go Katee :)

If you have a sugru story you'd like to share with us — drop us email us an [email protected] or find us over on  twitterfacebook and google+

17 telltale signs you're probably a sugru mum...

sugru mums inspire us with their ingenuity, resourcefulness and wit - let's count the ways they rock!

1. On a rainy day you can make games from anything

— make sugru stamps —

When the weather outside has foiled your plans, sugru mums never fear. Like Lise and her kids who created a new day called 'International Monster Day'! "We created stamps in the shapes of monsters. Once the sugru had cured, we made collages using paint.

2. You prefer your kids to be... well, kids!

— make waterproof knee patches 

Try as you might, kids will always be kids. Let's face it, when you're little mud is just too much fun not to mess around in. Make them some waterproof knee patches with sugru, and that's one less thing to worry about. 

3. You make their shoes last a little longer

— patch up their worn out shoes —

Kids can burn through a new pair of shoes in no time. Use a little sugru and make them last until they grow out of them! 

"My daughter scooters to school every day and had scuffed her pink trainers to the point of no return, or so we thought. I cracked open a pack of red and white sugru, mixed them until I made the perfect pink and applied it over the trainers. Not only will it protect them to ensure the rain doesn't come in, it also means I've extended the lives of these pink shoes, delaying that inevitable and expensive trip to the children's shoe shop for a few more months!" — sugru Mum, Lauren 

4. You don't replace the extra special things, you rescue them

— mend their favourite lunchbox —

Kids quickly get attached to their things, so replacing them just isn't an option. When Spidey took a fall, it was a good job mum was there with the sugru, ready to patch him up. 

5. A little eye surgery is all in a day's work 

— rescue his best friend —

Stefanie's son Arthur had been missing his best friend, Elmo, while he was in for a little sugru eye surgery. It's all worth it for the priceless happy reunion. 

6. You mend things, just to see their faces light up

— repair a much loved game —

Judy's son's table football had seen better days and needed some TLC. "I even prepared two different colours of sugru, to match the two team colours!" - Nice one Mum.

7. You know how to stop the tears, before they even start

— mend a broken toy light —

Delphine's daughter had a favourite night lamp that she totally loved. "The inside part was attached by a little plastic piece, which broke after a few severe bangs on the floor."  — uh oh. 

But I sugru-ed all pieces together, and it works as new!"

8. You find little solutions so you don't have to nag

— avoid car door scratches with sugru bumpers —

"My 4-year old daughter loves to get out of the car by herself, she gives the door a shove and then BAM! She hits the carport and dings the door. sugru is the cure for my problem!"

9. You know the value of small improvements

— modify a music stand —

Nothing is more annoying than being in the middle of a song when your music falls off the stand, crashes to the floor and all the sheets in the file splay out across the stage! A few little nubs of sugru and hey presto! Problem sorted.

10. You let your kids play with the grown ups things too

— make a bouncy kidproof camera  —

Bring out the budding photographer in your kids! Let them capture moments just like the grown ups.

11. You can design yourself a little peace and quiet

— add a sugru bumper to a noisy door —

There are only so many times sugru mums will put up with the clatter of metal on tile - ouch! 

12. You don't live with little problems, you solve them 

— seal a roll top bath with sugru —

Save yourself the hassle of a flooded bathroom floor every morning.

13. You come up with genius solutions

— refresh worn off lettering on the cooker —

Lollypop stick? Not to a sugru mum, it's the perfect tool to refresh the worn off lettering on the cooker.

14. You quite like it when little things around the house need mending

— sort out the little jobs that need doing around the home —

Wear and tear is inevitable. But sugru mums just mend and move on.

15. You can make anything look good

— create a display for family treasures  —

"I found some fishing equipment that belonged to my grand-mother. Glue was not an option. So I selected a frame, I arranged the bits and pieces and stuck them to a thick cardboard with blobs of white sugru... (you can see some holding the fishhook). Ta daaaaa. This will bring to my family such nice memories of my adventurous grandma." — Francesca

16. To you, nothing is 'beyond repair' 

— mend a loved piece of furniture —

"I invited my mother to help me out fixing this beloved but battered stool. At first she seemed almost frightened, but then she really got into it. It was lovely to see how she opened up to the many possibilities and she was very pleased to have her 'ironing stool' finally fixed!" — Clara, Belgium

17. You're always looking out for your own mum

— resize your mum's wedding ring —

"This is my mum Dorothy Penhaligon, aged 80. She married my dad in 1954, (she's shrunk quite a bit since then!) Her problem was that her wedding ring is now way too big, and she was afraid of losing it. Ever resourceful, she’d wound a bit of string round it, but it wasn’t very satisfactory. So, sugru to the rescue, we wrapped a blob round the back of the ring, and it’s now set to a comfortable fit. Hurray!" — Sylvia 

If you found these stories inpsiring, you'll probably love our Parents section :-)


Joanne - the world's most inspiring canoeist?

Some of you will remember the start of Joanne's inspiring story, from when she first contacted us back in the Summer of 2012. She had just completed the 715km long Yukon River Quest, which would be impressive enough for anyone to do... 

However, the particularly amazing thing about this story was that Joanne has no fingers on her left hand, and so paddling for that long would have been impossible - had a friend not helped her to hack her paddle, with a humble screw and a few minipacks of sugru.

The race would take three days and three nights (say what now?!), but the strain on Joanne's right hand alone would have been too tough. 

She was searching for a way to adapt her paddle, when her friend Andrea introduced her to sugru. After trying it out, Joanne managed to find a solution by moulding a sugru grip around a screw attached to her paddle.  

And the rest is a little piece sugru history...

So when we heard that Joanne was planning on doing it all over again, only this time with just Andrea in a two person team, we wanted to help. We decided to make Joanne our first ever sports sponsorship deal*, helping her buy a sweet lightweight carbon fibre paddle for the race. (*a very small amount of money)

Then Joanne blew us all away...again — sharing over 30 hours of video as she trained, prototyped designs for her 2.0 paddle and even captured footage from the race!

Her story is an inspiration and shows just how AWESOME people really are. 

In her own words, we give you The Joanne Story *.

* beautifully edited by Mr Tim King :)

P.S. guess who inspired Joanne to try the race in the first place? Her super cool mum, Janet and sister, Jamie! They completed the race for Janet's 60th birthday! There is something special in this family... 

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