28 ways to make your things last longer

Fixing means freedom and independence, plus If we double the life of products we halve what goes to landfill!

Here are some of the best lifehacks that we've spotted, which will give you some ideas for how to love your stuff for longer :)

Use toothpaste to remove scratches on your screen! 

Yep toothpaste!

Toothpaste will also help clean fogged up car lights! 

Clean you headlights with toothpaste

Remove wooden furniture scratches with walnuts

Use walnuts to remove scratches in wood

Fix your broken charger cable with sugru! 

Protect your charger cables with paracord + sugru  

Protect your charger cable using paracord and sugru

Emergency shoe shine using a banana skin! 

If you run out of polish - rub a banana skin on your shoes!

Patch up your favourite boots

10 sugru hacks for outdoor adventurers

Repair broken toys with sugru 

Rescue broken toys with sugru

Rescue the things your best friend can't resist eating!

Repair things your dog decides to eat!

Make waterproof knee patches with sugru 

Make waterproof knee patches with sugru

Clean off hard water stains with a lemon! 

Clean off hard water staines with a lemon

Lemons can also be used to clean chopping boards! 

Clean a chopping board with a lemon!

Waterproof a broken seal on a kettle

Replace a waterproof seal on your kettle with sugru

Replace missing buttons on a car key

Replace missing buttons from a car key with sugru

Use a window squeegee to remove pet fur from carpets 

Simple and effective way to remove pet fur from carpets

Replace missing feet on appliances

Replace missing feet with sugru

Use a tennis ball to prevent you from bumping your garage wall!

Use a tennis ball as a parking aid

Repair a broken car mirror

Repair a broken car wing mirror with sugru

Patch up a leaky car roof

7 ways sugru can help fix and improve classic cars

Fix cracks in your fridge shelves

How to repair your fridge with sugru

Refresh worn off lettering on appliances

Refresh worn off lettering on appliances with sugru

Mend holes in clothing with Woolifer 

Celebrate repair by patching up holes in clothing with Woolifer

Replace hard to find missing parts 

Replace hard to find missing parts with sugru  

Patch up tears in an air mattress 

Patch up tears in an air mattress with sugru (guess who made them!)

Use nail polish to save loose buttons

Use clean nail polish to save loose buttons

Replace missing parts on instruments

Replace missing parts on instruments with sugru

Protect your phone from sand at the beach with cling film

Protect phone your phone at the beach and still use it

Protect your camera with sugru spikes!

Protect your GoPro camera with sugru spikes!

30 ways to upcycle and reimagine your stuff

Upcycling is the art of reusing unwanted items by converting them into something better (and it's easier than you might think!). By reimagining our stuff we can help give products a second life.

So if you’re looking for a little inspiration or a weekend DIY project, here are some clever little ideas to get you thinking!

Use plastic bottles as garden planters

Use recycled plastic bottles as garden planters

Make coasters from old comics!

Simple yet awesome idea with endless possibilities - here's how to make your own.

Use old bike parts to create unique jewellery!

Katie Wallace has a mission: "to re-purpose used stuff to create bespoke products". (and she's a sugru-er!)

Turn leftover plumbing parts into a 'water mister' :)

Carl from Instructables has made a guide so you can make your own.

Repurpose old Kee Klamp railing

Clever ways to reimagine old Klee Klamp handrails

Turn dusty old drawers into funky shelves for your home

Kirsty Allsopp says  "Upcycling means revamping, repainting, repolishing your furniture, putting your own personal stamp on it without impacting the environment or your budget."

Make a window blind using old photo slides (wow!)

Make a unique window cover using old photo slides.

Make your camera float using sugru + a coke bottle! 

How to make your own DIY Coke Bottle GoPro Float.

Talking of plastic bottles...

Doesn't get much easier than this!  Turn that empty milk bottle into a handy DIY watering can.

Create new crayons with the leftover bits

Melt down and remould broken crayons.

Make funky crayon candles 

How to create block colour candles from the leftovers.

Four candles? No nooo... fork handles! ;) 

Make a set of mugs by upcycling mason jars, forks and sugru!

Repurpose unused cutlery into handy hooks

Islay from Scotland turned her old "cheap-o cutlery" into these unique hooks for her kitchen.

Make kitchen hooks from garden waste!

Here's a step-by-step guide to make your own.

Coat hangers from your classic joysticks!

Mikael gave sugru-ed his Tac-2 joysticks to the wall and  gave them a second life as handy coat hooks!

Turn a coke bottle into anything you want with this 3D printer! 

Make a car garage from toilet rolls!

Hack a lamp into a DIY bedside iPad stand

Vikas gave his old anglepoise lamp a second life with sugru!

Make string out of a plastic bottle!

Reuse that trusty ladder 

Easy ways to reuse an old ladder at home.

Turn a DV tape case into an iPhone dock

Turn a DV tape case into an iPhone dock

Turn a length of bamboo into a hanger helper

Handy idea for a small bedroom.

Turn plastic spoons into a lampshade!

Give one-use plastic spoons a long and happy second life.

Microwave drywall!

sugru vintage handles onto plugs

sugru handles and doorknobs onto plugs and make them super easier to use.

Turn a rake into a wine glass holder

Quirky idea that actually works perfectly!

Magazine rack = corner shelf

The perfect 'empty-all-your-pockets-when-you-get-in' shelf, spotted on Design Sponge.

Turn a seashell into an amplifier stand!

Ivars used sugru to turn a broken shell into an amplifier stand for his phone!

Turn a broken ski pole into a DIY GoPro pole mount 

Step by step guide to make your own DIY GoPro pole mount.

Upcycled sweater scarfs with pockets!

Use old sweaters or improve an old scarf with pockets to the end!

3 unique projects from Shake The Future

We have stumbled across the awesome YouTube user called Shake The Future (aka Denny)! He makes video tutorials on lifehacks and clever DIY ideas.

He has come up with some super clever and ermm let's say unique ideas using sugru! 

1. Make a vibrating alarm clock on your wrist!

2. Create a secret place to hide things... in a jar of mayonnaise!

3. Tidy up your toaster cable with sugru

Check out Shake the Future YouTube channel for loads more DIY inspiration. 

And if you like these, take a look at 15 inventions prototyped using sugru!

Dive Bar mermaids love sugru!

So last month we were surprised by an unusual request from some mermaids at the Dive Bar — an insanely cool bar with live mermaids in Sacramento, California!

The mermaids had a problem that they thought sugru might be able to fix.

"Our tails take a really intense beating and the salt water isn't too gentle on the silicone outfit either".

So we worked with them to find a fix for their splitting tails. After a bit of technical support we've converted several of the mermaids into sugru-ers!

Check out the awesome video that Rachel, one of the mermaids, has made and see them in action!

"Without our tails we're just a bunch of girls rolling around in a fish tank. sugru was the answer".

10 of the strangest sugru pet stories we've seen

Pets really do bring out the lighter side of life. OK so it's not that amusing the first time your dog chews your favourite shoes, or the cat shreds your duvet. But you quickly learn to live with their eccentric ways and just see the funny side. 

So we thought we'd pick some of the stranger pet stories we've been sent. 

Welcome to the wacky world of sugru pet stories!


1. Fix a doggy water pool   

A little hole in the plastic meant Charlie's doggie pool was leaking! Luckily Lisa is a sugru-er and patched that thing right up, phew! Now Charlie can get back to doing what he does best... sunbathing and photobombs.

2. Attach a squeaker to a dog lead   

"If my dog discovers something to hunt his instincts overwhelm him and he just runs off! But if there's one thing to get him back it's the sound of squeaky toys!

Dave came up with a super smart idea by attaching the squeaker from an old chewed up toy to his lead! Now he always has it within reach for when, you know... FENTON!!

3. Repair the latest thing they've chewed up 

Meet Buddy the sugru office dog. Jane has only just bought him his third collar in two months and yep, he's done it again. But with that little face it's impossible to get angry :) 

This time Jane managed to rescue the collar in time to do a little sugru repair.

4. Create custom shades for your dog!!?

Serious case of dog swag here! Glen's friend likes to carry her best friend around in her shoulder bag, they even take scooter rides together! 

But his little eyes are far too sensitive for the sun and wind, so Glen helped create these funky doggy sunglasses using sugru!  


5. Hack a chair for a 3 legged cat 

Meet 'Gretel Clementine Badcrumble Katze' (best cat name ever?). She loves to sit and watch the world go by from her front window seat at home in Washington. The thing is she needs this little stool to help get up and down from her perch, without putting too much weight on her only front leg (t'aww!) 

Her owners Ingrid and Dante tried to help using this stool, but it slid around too much. So they used sugru to create non-slip grips on the feet. Now Gretel can happily reach her favourite spot.   

6. Make a super high tech cat toy

sugru user Davin wanted to do more than just dangle a bit of string to entertain his cats. So he created this seriously high tech toy to keep them busy! 

"Each laser sits on a sculpted sugru cradle that I was able sew onto the glove fingertips. After soldering all the leads, I shrank wrapped them to prevent shorts, but that looked ugly, so I used more sugru to pull it all together, and keep the fabric wire covering from slipping away from the centre".


7. Keep track of your wandering tortoises

Meet Walnut and Nick! They belong to Lou from Oxford and we just love them! 

"I was constantly losing them in the garden so I bought them some GPS trackers. The problem was how to fix them to the tortoises. I didn't want to glue them as I was worried it would damage their shells. So I tried making webbing harnesses secured with Velcro but they kept walking off and leaving them behind!"

Lou carefully wrapped up the tortoises in cling film after dark when they were still and then modelled the sugru around them. She can now tuck the boys up safe in their boxes at night and not worry where they are!

This story from Lou just keeps getting better! She has now  upgraded the harnesses and taken them from functional to funky! 


8. Repair your steering wheel!   

Alex sent us two photos and one sentence.

"Our parrot ate the steering wheel - now repaired with sugru!"  — Nuff said... but so many unanswered questions!

Guinea Pigs 

9. Build hurdles for a guinea-pig grand national, of course!

Richard's daughter Amelie had watched a dog training event and wanted to do something similar with her guinea pig Snowy!

"The jumps were made using sewing bobbins as a base, a piece of doweling, and then small pieces of sugru were added for the coloured straws to rest on....Snowy jumped the first one, but fell at Beachers!"

And the winner has to be...

10. Help a chicken walk again!!

So you're probably thinking 'why is there a photo of a chicken with a yellow sugru foot on my screen?' Yep that was our reaction when we got the email! Here's Jane to explain...

"Snowy then Hen was attacked by a fox and lost most of her right leg. She managed to live on without it, and even continued to lay an egg everyday! But Snowy found walking difficult and slow.

My dad, being an engineer, couldn't help but come up with a solution and made a prosthetic leg out of fiberglass, which he fit the shape of her remaining leg. It wasn't perfect but definitely improved Snowy's walking. A week or so later, I spotted some left over yellow sugru and couldn't stop myself from making a little chicken foot to stick on the end of the prosthetic leg. (OK it's questionable that the sugru foot actually makes the prosthetic any better!). But thought you might enjoy a photo of your fantastic product put to good use!"

Err... well that's a first! :) Jane and engineer dad with the heart of gold, we salute your thinking. 

Rock on Snowy!

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