6 space saving ideas for the weekend

It doesn't matter how much space we do or don't have at home, we always feel like we need more! A little bit of extra space can make a big difference.

Sugru is perfect for creating clever storage ideas or a smart way of keeping things tidy. So if you're planning to create more space around your home, these ideas might spark an idea for your next weekend project!

1. Maximise the space you have

Not having enough space in the bathroom can be a real pain, but Chin came up with a clever idea to create some extra space around her sink for her soap. She moulded Sugru into a stand for the corner of her basin, where she can now sit her soap, genius!

Chris had a razor hook in his bathroom, but it didn't fit his new, much larger razor. So instead of just leaving it on the side of the sink, he used Sugru to modify and extend the existing hook. Simple and awesome :)

Sugru is great for this as you can mould it by hand into any shape, and it sticks great to ceramic, so it's super handy all over the bathroom.

2. Organise your kitchen cupboards

Let's be honest, few of us mere mortals clear our our kitchen cupboards as often as we should! (right?) Kitchen cupboards are often just a noisy jumble of pots, pans and lids that we just shift around until the door shuts!

Well this clever use of Sugru hooks on the inside of the cupboard door can make a huge difference! Finally a solution to storing pot lids, plus it will put a smile on your face each time you use it.

3. Don't let clothes hog your floor

Like loads of people living in cities these days, Ben has a pretty small bedroom in his rented flat. Without room for a big wardrobe, he quickly ran out of space for hanging his shirts! Or so he thought...

He had a corner up high above his book shelves that he wasn't using, and it was big enough to fit an extra hanging rail, if only he could reach it! So he let his brain think sideways.

His clever solution was to mould rubbery Sugru pincers on the end of a long stick of bamboo. Now he can easily hook his shirts on and off the rail and keep them out of the way!

4. Make a Lego spaceport... on the wall!

Most parents will know the painful feeling of stepping on your kids toys... ouch!

So when Juliane's son Kobi asked for somewhere to park his Lego spaceports, she had an idea. Using Sugru she attached little LEGO pieces to the wall, so that Kobi can click in his spaceships out of reach of his little sister, plus it keeps them off the floor and out of the way. Brilliant!

When you combine Sugru and Lego awesome things can happen... everything becomes a building block!

5. Defy gravity with Sugru + magnets

There are two sides to everything. Shelves are no exception.

Using Sugru + magnets to replace hooks is a clever little way to declutter your space (and it's a joy to use every time!) With Sugru, you can add a magnet to pretty much anywhere you want!

Once you start you'll wonder why everything isn't magnetic. Get your Sugru + magnet kit for your next project. (careful now, you might get carried away!)

6. Neatly tuck your cables out the way

Ahh cables... one of the problems of all this technology that we surround ourselves with at home. But fear not, Sugru can make universal cable grips that helps you keep them tidy and under control!

Sugru is perfect for this because it will stick to almost any surface, whether that's your desk, kitchen tiles or even your car's dashboard.

These are just a few of the ways that Sugru can help you around your home. For loads more clever little ideas, head over to our Home & DIY page.

Oh and don't forget to share your projects with us at [email protected]. It helps to inspire loads of other Sugru-ers, plus you could win loads of Sugru in our 'Fix of The Month' competition :)

6 ideas for your weekend project

Ahh weekends... the perfect time to get stuck in and get going on your next project!

But as much as we might like to think otherwise, weekends come around pretty quick and there's only so much time to get everything done.

So we thought we'd give you a few ideas to get you inspired to get going.

Oh and now there are 10 awesome Sugru colours to choose from. Blend in, stand out or just choose you favourite shade for your next idea.

1) No space in your bathroom? No problem!

Having a lack of space in the bathroom can be very frustrating, but Marloes came up with a clever solution. She used Sugru to mount a large soap dish onto a wall bracket, creating plenty of space for her toiletries!

2) Upcycle those old shoes

C'mon, admit it, we all have those tatty trainers lying around the house but we just can't seem to bring ourselves to throw them away! So why not upcycle them and give them a new life?

With some Sugru, old fabric and some spray paint you can create an interesting new pair! Using our awesome new Sugru colours you can personalise your shoes to be almost any design you can think of. What colour will yours be?

Feeling crafty? For loads more ideas head over to our craft and making section.

3) Organise your cables with Sugru + LEGO

Arghh cables, it can seem like they are everywhere! But who knew Sugru + LEGO minifigures are the perfect way to keep your cables organised and AWESOME?!

Sugru bonds to most materials so it means you can attach your minifigs anywhere you want — at home, at your desk, or the car! The only thing you have to choose is which figure to use!

Head over to our Sugru ❤ LEGO section for loads more clever ideas.

4) Make life more peaceful around your home

Weekends are for relaxing and having some peaceful downtime. But life is full of sounds (good and bad ones). To stay sane, we learn to block out the bad ones - doors that bang, car parts that rattle, chairs that screech on the floor and plates that clatter...

Sugru has great dampening properties that make it a perfect solution for many of those annoying noises! Like this clever idea from Shaun in Ireland, who muffled his noisy door knocker with Sugru.

"Every time a postal worker, delivery person, or vote-seeking politician knocks, the entire house shakes. This sugru hack has happily muffled the knocking (but not so much that I miss the pizza deliveries!)."

5) Catch up on TV in the kitchen

Need to catch up on some TV but too busy in the kitchen? Or maybe you want to use your tablet so your recipes are always to hand? By using Sugru hooks to make a wall mount you can keep your tablet right where you need it!

6) Give your kids some of the independence they crave

Sometimes kids crave independence and there's only so many things that can allow them this. Maurizio and Gia both came up with clever little solutions. Maurizio added hooks lower down on his coatstand so that his kids could hang their own coats up.

"My kids couldn't reach the top for their coats. A few coloured hooks and....the stand is used by my children and it's not looking so sad anymore either!"

The very cool Gia marked her kids wellies with left and right so that they could put them on without her!

If you have a clever Sugru idea then share it with us by emailing it to [email protected] :)

Need some Sugru? Head over to our gorgeous new online shop!

Add more colour to your life, with five new shades from Sugru!

One of the things we are asked for all the time is... more colours.

Well, after extending the shelf-life to 13 months in June, we got right back to work in the labs. So now we're launching not just one new colour, but we're exploding the range from 5 to 10!

Yep it's time to get excited.

After lots of facebook and twitter vote counting and many long hours in the lab, here are the winners. Drum roll please...

Introducing... Woody Brown! Silver Grey! Mossy Green! Panther Pink! And of course, Awesome Orange!

Choosing to fix and improve things is a choice, and now, so is colour. With our new extended range of Sugru colours, you have the choice to blend in, stand out or just choose your favourite shade - it's up to you :-)

Woody Brown

The perfect colour choice if Woody is your favourite character in Toy Story, or your home is woody and rustic. It's great if your next project using Sugru involves natural wood or leather, or anything brown really. Take a look at the 3 pack of Woody Brown Sugru over in our lovely new online store!

Silver Grey

If the word apple doesn't mean food to you anymore, then silver grey just might be for you. It's a great choice if your next project involves silver or grey gadgets, jewellery or if you are looking for a more sleek shade. Head over to the shop to take a closer look at Silver Grey Sugru.

Team sugru suggestion: a lot of us think silver grey looks awesome with pink or green Sugru! But that's just our opinion :)

Mossy Green

The perfect colour choice if you're Kermit the Frog or you love broccoli. It's also a great choice if your next project is in the kitchen, out in the garden (or you've got a 70's bathroom!) you might like to make an order for Mossy Green Sugru.

Panther Pink

A popular choice for all you 80's fans that like your Sugru to stand out. Also great if your next project involves a peppa pig toy, patching up your kid's favourite boots, or if pink is just your favourite colour - Panther Pink is something you'll want to try.

Awesome Orange

Ah yes the old favourite. Some of you might remember Sugru used to come in an Orange shade back in the day!. It's always been a popular choice if your next project involves something you want to show off to others. It's also the perfect colour choice if marmalade is your favourite condiment (yes Paddington we're looking at you). There are some juicy photos over in the shop, head over to take a look at Awesome Orange Sugru.

We're so excited to see all the new projects that are enabled by these new colours. As always, you can send your projects to [email protected] to enter our Fix of The Month competition and win loads of Sugru in your choice of colour and a great t-shirt too. If you have ideas for a project and you'd like to talk through planning the details, we love to help and you can find us for a quick response on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Instagram.


Beautiful book repairs from medieval times

We always love spotting new creative ways that people find to fix and repair things to help make them last longer. It's something we think should always be celebrated.

These beautiful creations are from way back in Medieval times, before paper had become the material of choice for books.

The pages were made from thin membranes of cow and sheep skin which were delicate and very expensive to make. When they got damaged or there was an imperfection in the material, the scribes found these beautiful creative solutions to the problem.

The scribes used colourful webs of silk to embroider and decorate the tears and holes, with some even drawing cheeky illustrations around the damaged areas.

You can read more about this on The Skinny on Bad Parchment written by book historian Erik Kwakkel's.

Check out our blog on The beautiful art of repair to see other colourful and creative ways to repair your stuff, including Kintsugi and Woolfiller.

spotted on This is Colossal.

High Five! We won the London Living wage company of the year award!

Jane here with some good news - this week we were honoured to win the annual London Living wage company of the year award!

The Living Wage UK foundation is on a mission to lift people off low pay to living pay. When we joined the scheme two years ago, we were one of only a handful of companies and now huge congrats are in order, there are now over 1,000 accredited companies! And some of these are large employers now including Nationwide, HSBC the latest to join this week - Google :) The living wage is proven to make a real difference, releasing people from working two jobs so they can spend more time with family and improve mental health and wellbeing because people have time for their interests and hobbies. Signing up was a no-brainier for us... It has taken a long time and a lot of commitment to get to where we are, and we still feel like we're at the beginning of what we can achieve with Sugru. And we couldn't do any if it without a talented and committed team in all areas of the business especially in our factory here in Hackney in East London.

Two of us went on stage to accept the award and champion the living wage - me and our Master Mixer, Francis. Every single-use pack of sugru needs to be perfect because our users rely on every single one working as it should... And that's Francis's job. He told his story of the difference the living wage made to him and his family, he's such a legend this guy. As a company we are proud to champion this cause and hopefully inspire a few more brands and companies to sign up too! And the bonus of the morning was that we got to meet Mayor of London, Boris Johnson who we gave lots of Sugru to! We even got time for a Selfie :D

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