Cross-stitch with bite


Ah, cross-stitching. Such a demure and genteel pastime with which to amuse oneself. Okay, let’s amend that slightly outdated view. Cross-stitch with bite better describes our favourite products by the lively craft brand Innocent Bones. Super cute DIY kits complete with motivational and gently offensive messaging have really hit the spot this past year of lockdowns and pandemic pandemonium.

Here we grab five minutes with the talented founder and CEO of Innocent Bones, Grace Isobel.

It's been quite a year to jump feet-first into running your own business (full-time anyway). How has it been?

"It has been incredible and challenging but in the best way! This year has been tough on everyone in so many different ways, but I think the thing we’ve all been craving is something to keep our minds and hands busy and cheer us up a bit. I think that’s why so many people have taken the step into crafting and cross-stitching, and it’s given me the amazing opportunity to expand my product range."

So are you a lifelong crafter yourself?

"I am! My entire family is super crafty, so I learned to knit and embroider at a really young age. I went on to study art and photography at college and university, and then got back into cross-stitching in a BIG way in my early twenties." 

The Innocent Bones brand has real energy and irreverence. Is this reflective of a new wave of crafters, do you think?

"Absolutely! I think if you asked most people under the age of 50 if they thought crafting was cool, the majority would have laughed. But now we’re living in a world where there are so many designers and brands offering more modern and alternative craft platforms – there’s literally something for everyone. I love the fact that I’m able to express my own sense of style through my products. I always say ‘if I wouldn’t have it in my own home, I’m not selling it.'"

What makes you feel most proud?

"It’s got to be my bi-monthly subscription box MOOD by Innocent Bones. It started because I wanted to give my customers a regular hit of crafting, something that would almost force them to take some time out of their busy lives and find time for themselves to just be creative. I still pinch myself sometimes when I ship the boxes out because the thought that so many people are now part of that community is just overwhelming in such a lovely way. Each box contains an exclusive Innocent Bones Kit as well as other crafty pieces and extra treats, so it’s nice to think that we’re all working on the same project at the same time!" 

It's believed that making with our hands has huge health benefits. Do you feel this?

"I think there’s something really special about spending time just focused on something creative no matter what that might be, and bonus points if you manage to turn your phone off. We’ve all felt the pressure of the events of the last year, and so I think being able to switch off and immerse yourself in something crafty is so important." 

What’s the most exciting new craft skill you’ve picked up lately?

"I recently started to learn how to do punch needle embroidery. I went into it thinking it was going to be so easy. It looks pretty quick and simple on the Instagram videos! Well, it definitely took me longer than I thought to pick it up, and I went through more scrap fabric and thread than I’d like to admit, but I think I’m getting somewhere with it now. It’s actually really relaxing when you get the hang of it!"

Lovely talking to you, Grace!

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