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Hiker on top of mountain with sunglasses fixed with Sugru

Sugru and the great outdoors were made for each other. Once cured, Sugru is grippy, waterproof, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, UV stable and just plain tough. It’s been to the olympics. It’s been to the north pole. It’s been to our uncle Bob’s back garden.

Sugru helps athletes and outdoor types repair leaking hiking boots, make custom grips for sports equipment, and patch up punctures in camping mats or Gore-tex rain gear.

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6 brilliant camping hacks for your next adventure

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Rain boots fixed with Sugru

How to fix your rain boots

The best way to patch up leaks in your wellies

Torch hanging from tent roof with Sugru and magnets

How to make a reading light for your tent

With Sugru and magnets you can keep your torch where you need it.

DIY prescription swimming goggles made with a spare pair of glasses and Sugru

How to make your own prescription swimming goggles

If you need your prescription glasses to see in the pool, this is for you!

Bike light mounted to frame with Sugru

How to mount a bike light to an aerodynamic bike frame

A simple way to mount bike lights to non-standard shaped frames

Lots more ideas for outdoors and sport

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