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Colander hung on hook made from Sugru on a tiled wall

We have good news. It turns out you’re pretty great at Home Improvement after all — you just needed the right tools.

Sugru is the missing piece in your toolkit. Stick it to your stuff, shape it, and it’ll turn into a tough silicone rubber. Sugru is the amazing new mouldable glue that can fix or improve almost anything in your house or apartment.

Fix broken parts in your fridge or freezer. Mount an iPad to your kitchen wall. Or make just the right hook, just where you need it. Sugru has 100s of uses around the home, and Sugru-ers all over the world are finding more every day. 

The best home hacks right now

Explore the best Sugru projects for Home & DIY

shower corner basket fixed with Sugru

How to organise your shower without drilling

Hang up a corner basket in the shower without drilling!

Colourful mugs hung on a tiled wall with hooks made from Sugru

How to make useful hooks in your kitchen without drilling

A new, quirky way to display your favourite mugs in the kitchen.

Colourful bags and hats being hung by hooks made from old toys stuck to the wall with Sugru

How to make a child friendly wardrobe from toys

Turn (almost) any toy into a hook for a kids wardrobe

iPad mounted on a kitchen wall with Sugru hooks

How to make an iPad wall mount

An easy, no drill solution to mount an iPad wherever you want.


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