Adhesive Screws for Tiles and Metal | 2 x 3kg by tesa

  • The tesa Adhesive Screws for Tiles and Metal make it easy to mount decorative items, racks, hanging signs and kitchen utensils on any smooth and solid indoor surface.

    These no-drill concrete screws are easy to remove and reuse, leaving no messy residue. Each screw hook can hold up to 3kgs. You won’t need a drill or a hammer with these clever wall screws. Based on Powerstrips Technology, you can hang all kinds of objects and utensils. To use the tesa Adhesive Screws for Tiles and Metal, simply clean your surface with a silicone-free detergent or alcohol, then peel off the adhesive strip and position the screw hook on your surface vertically with the tab pointing down, pressing down for five seconds. Peel off the protective foil from both strips and align each fixing screw with the top edge of each one, screw heads pointing up. Fold the screws down onto the adhesive area of each strip, right above the red line. Slide the red toggle up to unlock the screw head, position it in place then slide it down. Now you’re ready to mount your object and secure it with the nut.

  • 2 x Adhesive Strips for tiles and metal that can hold up to 3kg (Approx. 6.6lbs)

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