tesa eco tapes

Simple to use

Suitable for all abilities.


No mess, no fuss.

Carefully selected

Hand-picked by our Sugru gurus. 

Using White eco tape to fix a wheelbarrow handle

Solvent-free adhesives

Made from eco-friendly materials

Using White eco tape to fix a wheelbarrow handle

Strong & durable

Q: What are the benefits of eco tapes?

A: Eco tapes are a more sustainable alternative to standard tapes without compromising on performance. Made from solvent-free adhesives and using recycled and eco-friendly materials, these are the superior choice.

Q: Do you have an eco tape for packing boxes and parcels?

A: The Box It or Seal Any Parcel tapes are perfect eco alternatives for packing. They're made from recycled or recyclable materials, are solvent-free and have strong sealing power.

Q: What’s the best eco tape for repairing?

A: The Fix Anything Eco tapes offer extra tear resistance and long-term durability and are made with a solvent-free natural rubber adhesive. They're great for repairing, fastening, bundling and strengthening.

Q: Which eco tape is ideal for office use?

A: The Quick Tape Desk Dispenser is made from 100% recycled plastic. Thanks to its anti-slip pad, it makes for a super versatile and lightweight home and office accessory.