Wood Touch-Up Markers by Guardsman

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    Three shades of wood dye (light, medium and dark brown) in handy little no-drip markers from Guardsman. Simply swipe over scratches or faded areas on any brown wood surface around your home. You can also blend the colours to match almost any finish.

    Why we love this cool product

    “These are super easy to use and mess-free. No scratch or mark is safe from us now!”

  • 3 x Wood Touch Up Markers in Light, Medium, and Dark Brown

    • Conceal surface scratches on furniture, cabinets, mouldings, doors, floors, panelling, and any other finished wood surfaces in your home
    • Included colours are matched to the most common wood finishes, and easily blend to match almost any finish
    • No-drip design produces instant results with no mess, and easy for anyone to use!
    • Dry to the touch in seconds. Perfect for those looking for an easy-to-use solution that doesn't require extensive knowledge and hours to prep or cure
    • Prevents against fading with UV absorbent properties

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