Floating Plant Hangers by Kikkerland

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$10 $8
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    Give the illusion of floating plants with this set of three awesome plant hangers from Kikkerland. Simply screw the mount into the wall and easily slide the rim of the plant pot under the hook of the hanger. The secondary edge will catch against the lip of the pot, holding it securely in place. It couldn’t be easier and works with any planter that has a lip. Job done!

    Why we love this cool product

    Jane says: "Plants cheer up bare walls in a way nothing else can, especially if you are trying to to make the most of a small outdoor space. If, like me, you drool at the idea of living walls with plants of different colours and textures, these floating hangers are a super-simple and accessible way to start making your own green wall from hanging pots. Perfect for walls and projects where you’re looking for a drilled / screw-fixture solution."

  • 3 x Floating Hangers 

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