Refillable Eco Roller Glue by tesa

  • The tesa Refillable Eco Roller Glue is a glue roller that allows precise and easy application on materials like cardboard and paper. No more sticky fingers!

    Made from 100% recycled plastic, the tesa Glue Roller contains a cartridge filled with a tear-resistant PET tape, that is coated in a solvent-free adhesive.

    By simply pressing and moving the roller onto paper, a precise strip of adhesive will transfer. It’s much faster, cleaner and easier to apply than using a liquid glue. And with a special bonding agent, it offers reliable and durable adhesion.

    It also has a refillable cartridge. Find refills here.

  • 1 x Refillable Glue Roller 8.4mm x 14m (approx. 0.3in x 46ft)

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