XL Sticky Tacks, 2 pack by tesa

  • One bigger tack, even more brilliant possibilities! These large double-sided sticky pads from tesa are super easy to use, and suitable for lots of different tasks. Fix all sorts of light-weight items to smooth and solid surfaces such as glass, metal or plastic.

    Thanks to their bigger size you can fix your larger items to your space, like posters and planners. As they're transparent and double-sided, these handy sticky pads make for invisible application, and come off leaving no residue behind. They're also reusable, so great for those temporary jobs.

  • 72 XL transparent tesa sticky tack pads (2 packs of 36)

    • Surfaces should be clean, dry and dust-free for the best bond.
    • Use of the sticky tacks on porous and sensitive surfaces, such as woodchip or plaster, isn’t recommended. 
    • Suitable for temporary use on windows. 
    • Please remove the adhesive pads slowly to avoid damage to the surface.

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