Multicolour Wool Clothing Repair Kit by Woolfiller

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$21.50 $15.05
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    Easy repair for wool clothing and homewares - Woolfiller easily repairs holes in woollen jumpers (sweaters!), cardigans, jackets, hats, scarves, blankets, carpets, sofas, even car roof linings, in fact, any woollen textiles that have been attacked by moths and need a little tender loving repair. How? By embracing the specific natural character of wool.

    Wool fibres contain minuscule scales. When pricked with a felting needle, the tiny scales open up and bind with each other creating bonded fibres where there once was a hole. A new solution for an age-old problem, wool-filling is quick, simple, sustainable and extremely satisfying. Choose your colour to blend in or stand out – it’s up to you.

    Why we love this cool product

    Jane says: “I’ve been using Woolfiller for years now, and I evangelise to anyone who will listen. The repairs are fast, easy, super durable, and so enjoyable to do. A tiny bit of black wool on a favourite black jacket becomes an invisible repair. Alternatively, embrace the colours to highlight and celebrate your mend.”

  • This kit includes everything you need to repair with Woolfiller: eight colours of wool (8 x 2-3g balls), two felting needles, a piece of foam rubber and a how-to manual. In our experience, this kit will last you for a lot of small repairs.

  • Woolfiller gives the best results on close-knit items where the method of application creates a smooth and durable patch that is fully embedded and knotted with the fibres of the garment. It’s very easy to use, and most people will be surprised and delighted to discover felting as a repair solution. Repairs will last years and years.

    Wash and care for your Woolfiller repairs as you would the woollen garment it's applied to. It's recommended that you handwash garments since it’s kinder to your clothes and more temperature controllable.

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