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Sort out all those leaky, creaky, slippery, annoying things 💦

Hey, fixers! Now’s the time to attend to all the little things around the home that just get on your nerves.

How about finally doing something with that banging door? Do you keep forgetting to seal those leaky boots?  Have you got a broken dishwasher rack? Ever wanted to stop clothes continually slipping off their hangers?

Sugru will fix all these grumbles and more. It’ll stick to most materials, then overnight it sets strong and turns into a durable, flexible rubber that is shock-resistant, waterproof, can handle extreme temperatures, and is mighty grippy.

It's not just Sugru we sell these days. If you've got any darning that needs doing, try this brilliant Woolfiller Kit. It repairs holes in all sorts of textiles like curtains, sofas, blankets and clothes. You won’t believe how satisfying it is to save a beloved sweater from the dumpster.

Fixing is good.

The fixes

The Hacks for Your Home Kit

Make your walls work harder 🖼️

Hey, home lovers! If you’re looking for simple ideas to keep things nice and tidy and spruce up your surroundings, look no more. Where there’s a wall, there’s always a Sugru way.

Organise all your mugs with some helpful drill-free hooks. Keep your device off the kitchen counter to avoid accidental spillage with the best iPad wall mount ever. Build a creative wall using all the things you love. Discover more space-saving, organising tricks for the home – and not a power tool in sight.

Have you heard of the Guppyfriend Washing Bag? This remarkable invention filters out all those tiny microfibers released from textiles during washing and end up in our oceans and rivers. Make a Sugru hook right by your washing machine to hang the little miracle washing bag.

The ideas


Original Formula

Make the most of your outdoor space 👩🏽‍🌾


Hey, planters! Okay, so you’re stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with the natural world outside.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a sprawling garden, a modest backyard, an urban balcony or window box, we’ve got plenty of fun ideas. You’ll find advice on planting and growing your own fruit and veg – even how to make a drill-free trellis. Or what about building a bug hotel, or upcycling an old teapot into a bird feeder?

If none of these inspire you to get your hands dirty, then just kick back and enjoy the existential wonder of Powers of Ten: A Flipbook. Based on the celebrated documentary by industrial designers Charles and Ray Eames, this fascinating book will warm your heart and expand your mind.

Let it all grow, and yes, that includes the personal grooming crisis.

Cool new Kits and Gifts – just launched.

Discover more products in the Sugru shop and give the gift of great ideas and genius solutions.

Stuff for kids


Hey, makers! When have you ever had this much time to spend together? Use it wisely and see it as an opportunity to reconnect and build positive family memories. The best way to do this is by doing things.

Sugru is great for teaching kids how to fix their toys, customise them, or simply make new ones out of old ones. We’ve put together a whole bunch of things to keep them, and you occupied. Try making your own jewellery and cute bookmarks. Or repurpose old toys into handy kids’ hooks. There’s also a collection of cool maker kits. From soft toy stitching to paper engineering to building electronics, there’s something here for everyone. 

And don’t forget to check out the fantastic maker kits on the Sugru shop, including the makedo Cardboard Construction Toolkit. It’s a simple-to-use, open-ended system of tools that encourages creativity, resourceful thinking and play.

So, why don't you just switch off your device and go do something more productive instead!

Kids' Projects


Family-Safe | Skin-Friendly

Sugru ❤️s a show-off

We couldn’t do any of this stuff without you guys and the inventive ways you use Sugru. Keep on sharing your wonderful fixes, hacks and makes with us, and the stories behind them. Big or small, simple or complex, practical, or a little bit crazy. There’s no formula. We love them all 😍 – and you could win lots of Sugru for all your future fixes.

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